The Demon Pool by Richard B. Dwyer, is a supernatural thriller that reveals a world where science, magic, seduction and the demonic power behind the legend of the Fountain of Youth conspire to use biotechnology to turn the world into a demonic playground. Enjoy!

The Demon Pool
by Richard B. Dwyer
4.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Horror | Suspense

Would you sell your soul to live forever?

Or to save a friend?

Questions Florida Highway Patrol Investigator Jim Demore never dreamed he must answer.

Until his investigation of a horrific crash on I-75 pushes him beyond the realities of everyday forensic police work and thrusts him into a world he doesn’t believe exists.

The sinister world of beautiful, seductive Kat Connors who works nights as a part-time dancer and days as a lab technician at Advanced Genetic Technologies.

An eternal hell on earth.

And Demore, the disbelieving skeptic, must answer.

At the gates of hell.

With his soul.

Yes or no.

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