My poor hubby heard me say the most dreadful words last night. “Bubby??? I Have An idea!” I want to build a guinea pig cage for outside. Not something that they would stay overnight in, just a daytime playpen they could run around in during the warm summer days and stretch their little guinea pig feet. I want it to look like a little doll house, or maybe a fairy cottage. You can see why my hubby started creeping away from me mid conversation. I’m thinking shingled roof, round windows, and maybe even a small garden. Where did hubby go?

Culinary Cozy Murder Collection 4 – Books 16-20 of the Donut Hole Mysteries (Donut Hole Cozy Mystery)
by Susan Gillard
4.8 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Women’s Fiction

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This is a collection of Books 16,17,18,19 & 20 of the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series

Book 16 – Green Velvet Murder
When Heather Shepherd hears that the friendly newbie in town, Bernie Belushi, has been murdered courtesy of one of Geoff Lawless’ rock hard fudge balls, she’s concerned.

That concern turns into determination when she discovers that Kent’s Aunt is the main suspect. Heather must bring Bernie’s killer to justice, with a little help from her husband, Rya?n?? of course. Armed with nothing but her sleuth gene, Amy’s quick wit and Dave’s barks of encouragement, she marches off to Geoff Lawless’ store to investigate.

Heather has to put the distractions aside and focus on the case, and her Green Velvet Donut creations, or risk another of her hometown’s residents, and a new business venture to boot.

Book 17 – M&M Surprise Murder
When Heather Shepherd discovers that a popular judge at Hillside’s Archery competition has been murdered, she’s alarmed.

Heather soon finds out that the competition will be cancelled if the murderer isn’t brought to justice – and that means Jung won’t get his shot at winning. Heather must use that arrow-sharp wit and investigative skill to solve the crime, with the aid of her besties far and wide. Equipped with her desire to find the truth, Heather hurries to interview the grief-stricken widow.

Heather has to choose her leads wisely, or she’ll risk losing more than just her integrity while she juggles the demand for her newest creation, M&M Surprise Donuts.

Book 18 – Chocolate Pomegranate Glaze Murder
When Heather Shepherd discovers the body of the owner of Hillside’s hippest nail salon, Clarissa ‘Cheeky’ James, during one of her donut deliveries, she’s astounded.

The astonishment deepens when Heather discovers none other than the victim’s ex-boyfriend in the building, alive and well. Heather has to figure out who killed her newest customer, while the prospect of her final test for her P.I. diploma hangs over her head, like a particularly sweet Chocolate Pomegranate Glazed Donut. Armed with her newfound sense of direction, the desire for justice and her crew of quirky pals, Heather dives into the investigation headfirst.

Heather must balance her studies, orders, and the ongoing investigation or risk losing her shot at becoming the qualified P.I. donut maker she longs to be, once and for all.

Book 19 – Caramel Glazed Murder
When Heather Shepherd hears that one of her regular customers is dead thanks to one of Donut Delights’ milkshakes, she’s horrified.

Especially when it turns out that the person who delivered that milkshake is none other than Amy, the donut maker’s best friend. Heather won’t let this one slide, especially with Amy’s reputation on the line. Backed by her new diploma and the aid of her husband, Heather sets out to get to the bottom of the case, along with a bit of hapless help from Dave and Amy, herself.
Heather has to figure it out or risk losing her best friend and respect as Hillside’s

Book 20 – Raspberry Mojito Murder
When Heather Shepherd takes a walk downtown, the last thing she expects to see is smoke on the horizon and a fire near Donut Delights.

She’s horrified when it turns out that the fire is a case of arson, and is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and help her hubby, Ryan, at Hillside PD. Armed with her fiery attitude, Amy’s witticisms and a lot of free time while the renovations at Donut Delights finish up, Heather sets off on another sleuthin’ adventure.

Heather must get the answers and prepare for the reopening of her store with her newest creations: Raspberry Mojito Donuts, or risk losing her reputation as both prime baker and sleuth in Hillside.

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The Sheriff of Elk Ridge
by Mason Macrae
Genre: Westerns | Thrillers

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The town of Elk Ridge needs saving from itself…
There’s not enough water being provided by the local dam, Sheriff Laatsch is letting outlaws go free and the town’s banker is crooked.

Flip Nickerson is college educated and has a promising future.

But his best friend Red Kyle is being branded an outlaw and in the Old West, when you’re called an outlaw, it doesn’t take long before you’re forced to live up to your name.

When Flip is offered the chance to become deputy sheriff he can’t pass up the opportunity.

He swears an oath to uphold the law – but what does this mean for the future of his friendship with the now outlaw Red?

And it’s not long before Flip realises that as an authority in the town, you quickly have more enemies than you have friends.

To make things worse, the love of his life Grace has a brother hell-bent on breaking the law.

And when Flip gets elected The Sheriff of Elk Ridge – rather than just deputy – he has a choice to make – does he go easy on his friends, or does he live by the oath that he swore?

The town’s water crisis needs solving, and outlaws need catching.

One thing is for sure, lives will be lost.

But will Flip Nickerson be able to save Elk Ridge, keep his friends, and get the girl?

The Sheriff of Elk Ridge is a classic tale of the Old West, where trouble is never too far away…

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Project – 16 (Tales from the Brink)
by Martyn J. Pass
4.5 Stars (61 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Miller is the last Englishman. It’s not a title he enjoys because it means that whenever the looters and the treasure hunters come across the Atlantic to the ruins of his country, it’s his job to hunt them down. That is, if the packs of wild dogs don’t kill them first. Or the collapsing buildings. Or the disease.

Miller soon finds himself helping a former US Ranger, Claudia Riley, hunt for her missing nephew who’s disappeared somewhere in England. The US want him found too – him and his Russian girlfriend who they suspect are planning to stage a terrorist attack from one of the many underground bunkers that now lie empty. All is not what it seems however as they soon find themselves under attack from a US jet that leaves Riley critically injured.

Bringing all his training and survival skills to bear, Miller has to keep the US Ranger alive despite the sudden onset of a harsh winter and the roaming packs of starving dogs. He finds, however, that his love for her might also be the death of him.

Can they hope to complete their mission or will the powers behind the real terror attack get to them first? And can Miller dare to hope that in the overgrown wastelands of England he might find happiness at last?

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Diving In
by Gretchen Galway
4.3 Stars (34 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Determined to spice up her life, a schoolteacher flies to Hawaii for the summer, only to be forced to share a condo with a man who broke her heart a decade ago–and he doesn’t even remember her.

For schoolteacher Nicki Fitch, a summer in Hawaii is the perfect opportunity to overcome a lifetime of phobias and heartbreak. But when she gets to Maui, she discovers a guy who broke her heart in college is living in her paradise. How can she tackle her fears when the biggest one of all is walking around shirtless–and refuses to leave her alone?

About to turn thirty, Ansel has never wasted his life of privilege–if only his father saw it that way. When Dad cuts him off financially, Ansel moves into his family’s vacation home to make his own fortune in real estate. The last thing he needs is his sister’s leggy, beautiful friend distracting him. Unfortunately, he’s had little practice resisting temptation…
As the days and nights unfold along the luxurious Maui shores, Nicki and Ansel find themselves sharing more and more… and more. But will either one of them have the courage to bring what they find together home with them when the summer’s over?

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Soulful Southern Cooking: Favorite Southern Comfort Food Recipes
by Louise Davidson
4.3 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Throughout the world, the Southern cuisine is known for its rich, tangy, comforting and soulful flavors. Find inside a collection of the best recipes from the Southern states.

Each Southern cuisine recipe represents home cooking; each dish shares the traditions and hospitality of the South. Within each page, you will find a different Southern classic, starting from the basic appetizers and ending with delicious deserts, this recipe book is all that you need to master Southern cuisine.

From fried chicken to macaroni and cheese, the southern U.S. is home to some of the most unique foods and has a wide variety of flavors to offer. American Southern food has become integrated with the cultural identity of the South. Whether it is deep fried chicken or barbecued pork, American Southern food is extremely hard to resist.

Inside find:

Delicious appetizer recipes like the Coconut Shrimp or the Southern Pimento Cheese.
Comforting main entrées like the Jambalaya, Grandma’s Famous Fried Chicken or the Chicken and Dumplings.
Irresistible sides like the Fried Green Tomatoes or the Fresh Corn Cakes.
Heavenly desserts that Grandma used to make like the Strawberry Shortcake or the Key Lime Pie.

Hop aboard the journey where we explore some of the best southern food flavors. Without any further wait, let’s get started.

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