If you like fast-paced action, strong female leads, and a dreamy love interest, you’ll want to get lost in these pages. Author, Carly Hansen, weaves a tale that from the very start grips you with fear for the safety for a young woman alone in a tent in the forest in the town of Bristall. Learn of the grisly events of that night which are not as clear as they were made to appear and wholeheartedly want to discover the answer to who or what is responsible.

Magic Reborn: The Peacesmith Series: Book1, A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel
by Carly Hansen
4.4 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Suspense | Mythology & Folk Tales | Contemporary Fiction | Metaphysical

On the run and disguised as a boy, Fenix Graystone finds sanctuary when a witch opens her home, arms her with charmed knives, and transforms her into a fearsome fighter. But when an enigmatic vampire overlord arrives seeking help to solve the murders of three young women, Fenix’s newfound peace shatters.

The kidnapping of a fourth girl stirs up strange emotions in Fenix, bringing her illegal magical powers to the surface. But the magic within her points Fenix to suspects too close to the vampire overlord for comfort.

Now she must ally with an enemy she didn’t even know she had if she hopes to rescue the girl and bring the killers to justice — before she becomes their next victim.

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Magic Bound: The Peacesmith Series, Book 2, A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel
by Carly Hansen
Genre: Fantasy

Continue on the journey as more mystery and intrigue unfold…
Return to the lives of Fenix and the gang.

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