Alien Abduction by award-winning author Irving Belateche, is story telling at its finest. This tale about a family in crisis, told with a scifi spin, is captivating and entertaining.  A fresh and original science fiction story with an irresistible mix of smart plotting, great characters, and compelling twists. Enjoy!

Alien Abduction
by Irving Belateche
4.4 Stars (75 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Suspense

Aliens are real — and that’s just the lucky break Eddie Hart needs.

Eddie couldn’t have lost his job at a worse time. His family has been hit with a medical emergency and his son’s and daughter’s college tuition is looming over him. He’s broke, too old to start over, and desperate — until he discovers an unexpected solution to his troubles. An extraterrestrial solution. Aliens are here, and they’re hiring.

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