For their first official job as CMC Investigations, Charlie, Marge, and Celeste are out to find an escaped Red Panda from the zoo. They find the panda but discover the he has a self defense mechanism. A very strong gaseous relief system. This is another great tale by Deany Ray. The action is fast paced and will keep the pages turning till the end. Enjoy!

Pickled (A Charlie Cooper Mystery, Volume 2)
by Deany Ray
4.3 Stars (45 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Charlie Cooper Profile:

-Underpaid undercover detective in her hometown, Springston
-Living with her parents at the age of twenty-nine
-Weekend plans: desperately looking for an apartment
-2 new friends, still no pets, still no hobbies
-Special gifts: hmm…
-Finding Mr. Right: still negative
-Healthy diet: more cookies and more things sweet

Charlie Cooper begins a new life in her hometown, Springston. Granted, it’s not as glamorous as she thought it will be. Living with her parents and her brother again means waking up at 6 a.m. with the sound of rock music and putting up with her brother’s annoying video games.

Still, she’s confident that a new apartment will bring her the peace and quiet that she needs. Only problem: lack of funds.
But that should change soon! Together with her new companions, Marge and Celeste, she sets out to be the best undercover investigator the town has ever seen. When their first case comes rolling in, the girls have to bring an escaped red panda back to the zoo. It’s not exactly the dazzling detective work that Charlie had hoped for, but she’s determined to wrap up this case promptly.

Things go south, when the girls not only find the panda, but also something else. Let’s just say it’s a body part that should definitely be attached to a person.
The girls launch themselves into solving the missing body part mystery but what they get is more than they’ve bargained for. To top things off, Springston’s most handsome detective is constantly on their tail.

Join Charlie, Marge and Celeste in this fast-paced, humorous and exciting mystery!

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