I am sorry to say it, but one of my little fuzzy pants guinea pigs is a bully and a thief. I have been working pretty hard to tame my little piggies by hand feeding them treats, and it has been working pretty good with Coco and Henry. Milton on the other hand is a different story completely. Not only does he refuse to take a treat directly from me, he steals the treats from the others every time. He charges them like a tiny little ball of evil. With that face it’s hard to call him evil really, but he is being mean to Henry and Coco. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever be able to tame him. At least he is hilarious to watch during floor time. He is definitely the athlete of the group, running circles at a hundred miles an hour, and hopping like a crazed piece of popcorn. My only hope is that these little piggies are extremely food driven and I have a Costco size bag of carrots.

Power (River Sunday Romance Mysteries Book 8)
by Thomas Hollyday
4.6 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Teen & Young Adult | Mystery

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How strong is the internet’s hold over our lives? Thomas Hollyday, a Chesapeake writer with seven books receiving critical acclaim, presents Power, his newest and most thought provoking novel. This hard hitting story asks if the internet and its social media are beyond our control.

Across the United States mobs of energy protesters outwit police and randomly destroy power companies and oil storage sites. They kill innocent bystanders and cause city blackouts. Meanwhile social media is filled with the popular speaker Cole Tinker promoting his cause, Provide Free Energy To All Citizens.” His millions of fans grow in number while government is unable to prove him responsible for the violence.

Businessman John Loggerman has been informed his daughter has disappeared. He plans to search for her as soon as he docks his ship in Baltimore to load oil drilling equipment for Africa. However, a fanatical crowd tries to sabotage his ship and cargo. Its green signs cheer Tinker whom they call the King of the Working People.

Loggerman, born in Maine and a former Marine, prepares to defend the ship even though they are outnumbered. Loggerman also investigates his missing daughter and finds she was a volunteer for Tinker. He fears she may have been murdered. He must find a way to combat this King’s secret world and save his friends. He pats the knife at his waist and remembers his old motto, “Wear and Scare.”

Power is the eighth book of the acclaimed River Sunday Romance Mystery series by Thomas Hollyday. The author’s unique Chesapeake voice once again gives us an exciting read about the people, their beliefs and legends, and the grasping mud and black water wetlands of this mysterious American region. His other critically acclaimed novels include Slave Graves, Magnolia Gods, Powerboat Racer, Gold, Terror Flower, China Jewel, and Easter Sunday.

Each book, introducing new memorable characters, retains the simple and beautiful lifestyle, history and beauty of the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Powerful subjects such as freedom, atomic war, racism, religion, terror, sailing, and family love, are approached. Stories are insightful and well researched with technical expertise, humor, and fast moving action.

River Sunday Romance Mysteries are suitable for teen and older readers. They have no strong language and romantic descriptions are clean and suitable for family reading and enjoyment.

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Calling: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series (The Starlight Chronicles Book 2)
by C. S. Johnson, Jennifer Sell
4.2 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult | Children’s eBooks

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I found every layer of myself chiseled away, the blackened cynicism of my heart breaking open and oozing the kind of fear which only stems from the deepest sort of longing. “Don’t leave me.”

And then I kissed her.

As if Hamilton Dinger needs any more frustration at the moment. Not only has he accepted his duty as a Starlight defender, he’s got swim meets to prepare for, his little brother to babysit, and an annoying new girl in his class. Plus he’s got his ‘mentor’ dragon, Elysian, on his back every chance he gets, and his ‘co-defender,’ Starry Knight, urging him to quit the superhero business after every battle.

As the Seven Deadly Sinisters and their leader, Orpheus, search for new ways to gather power, Ham finds both betrayal and friendship in unexpected places. Desperately searching for a way he can get stronger, he finds his own inner struggles costing him the most as he attempts to keep the rest of the city safe.

Will Hamilton realize his potential in the power of trust? Will he be able make peace with Starry Knight, or will their quarrels be the downfall of them both?

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The House of Crow
by John W. Wood
4.9 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Historical Fiction | Teen & Young Adult | Contemporary Fiction

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In the early 19th century, a Blackfoot Indian warband slaughters a group of Irish immigrants. Soon after, another war party finds the wagon – and a baby still alive in the wreckage.

He soon becomes known as the White Crow – one of the Dog Soldiers of the tribe – and begins to make a name for himself as a warrior. But after a journey to Old California, his life takes a drastic turn.

This historical fiction saga follows the life of the Crow family, from their beginnings in 1816 to the American Civil War and the times of the U.S. Marshals, and finally to the story of Charles Crow – the last son of The House of Crow.

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The Sands of Time
by J.R. Rain, K.T. Tomb, P.J. Day
4.5 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Anthologies | Anthologies & Literature Collections | Action & Adventure

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USA Today bestselling author, J.R. Rain, brings you three short stories of epic adventure, including:

by J.R. Rain

Agent Alan Putnam has one last job to do before he retires from the INS. His mission: He must deport a dog and personally escort him back to his own country. And the country is West Sahara. “War Daddy” is a big white dog – 125 pounds of pure muscle, teeth, and slobber and the strongest dog he’s ever seen. War Daddy also has the strongest will to live that he’s ever seen. The big dog survived the horrors of being used as a drug mule – once gutted for the drugs inside him and left for dead, he’s overcome all odds. Except one. He doesn’t belong in the United States. Now, it’s time for War Daddy to go home.

Pursued across the vast desert, Alan and War Daddy brave the elements and the humanity that underestimates the great treasure of this dog with a big heart – but a dog who isn’t afraid to defend himself if he has to.

But even if he can find the remote place where War Daddy really belongs, will Alan take his deportation mission – and his military training – one step further?

J.R. Rain, bestselling author of the epic dog lovers’ thriller, WINTER WIND, brings “War Daddy” to life in an unforgettable short story with a dog at the heart of the journey, and a man by his side who is no less courageous than his canine companion.

by K.T. Tomb

The adopted son of a prince must choose between honor and revenge…
On the excavation site of an ancient city, marauders murder Wolfgang Anderson’s mother and sister. The young boy vows revenge against the rebel leader.

A group of Bedouins take him to their prince so he can be returned to America. But Wolfgang chooses to stay in the Middle East. He grows up as the adopted son of a mighty prince. The danger and challenges of the desert contrast with his opulent palace lifestyle. Wolfgang chooses a path that brings honor to his new family and makes him very powerful.

One day, he sees an opportunity to exact his revenge…
Will he honor his adopted father’s request to accept the past? Or will he fulfill his vow to avenge his blood family?

by P.J. Day

The Last Rhino, a thrilling and unforgettable short story by bestselling author P.J. Day, takes readers on a safari deep into the heart of the African bush – where one man must confront his past in order to save his future. And to save a species…
Juma is the last white rhino on Earth. And Tarik is the man chosen to protect him.

Tarik Daw was once a child soldier, but it’s been years since he was briefly captured by rebels in the highlands. His new job is to protect Juma from poachers.

Tarik is grateful to have a government job on a Kenyan game preserve – it will support his family for as long as Juma lives. And with his training and experience, he won’t hesitate to kill would-be poachers to protect the white rhino from extinction… and to ensure his own livelihood.

However, as Juma’s newest guardsman tracks the rhino’s wanderings across the African savannah, his darkest secret threatens everyone and everything he holds dear.

The fate of the last white rhino on Earth is in Tarik’s hands – and danger lurks for them both.

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Paradise in My Yard: A Garden Design Guide Second Edition
by Dennis Lytkine
3.3 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Children’s eBooks

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Just imagine a tropical paradise in your yard ! Want your yard or pool to look like its in Cancun? Whether you live in the tropics or in Alaska, you can do it ! This book will show you examples and planning of good design for your landscape and has a collection of exotic plants to grow with valuable information on growing and winter protection. Lots of professional plant, garden, and container garden photographs. This second edition has twice as many plants featured and a new section of tropical look-alike plants. This book is meant to be an introduction to tropical gardening and is specifically targeted toward people who live in places less than tropical.

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