Author Stacey Coverstone wrote her first novel in 2006 after an inspiring week at Cowgirl Camp in New Mexico, a gift from her husband for earning my Master’s degree. When that western romance was quickly accepted for publication, there was no looking back. She now writes in a variety of genres, including Contemporary and Historical Western Romance, Romantic Suspense, Gothic Romance, Time Travel, and Mysteries and Ghost Stories.

Secrets of Wolf Island (Secrets Series Book 2)
by Stacey Coverstone
5.0 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

After two heartbreaking miscarriages that have put strain on their marriage, Dawn Matheson’s husband Noel decides a move from Chicago to his Wisconsin hometown is the answer to their problems. Located miles from the mainland in Lake Superior, Wolf Island is a quiet place where Dawn can concentrate on getting pregnant again.

Confronted with the ultimatum to go or divorce, she agrees to leave everything in Chicago behind to move to the isolated island and into Noel’s deceased parents’ house in the woods. Though she wants to repair the relationship, she’s grown afraid of intimacy, and Noel’s mood swings only complicate matters.

Shortly after arriving, he begins questioning her sanity when she behaves strangely, forgets things, and hears the howl of a wolf — despite there being none on the island for 100 years. She soon believes her husband is intentionally trying to drive her insane. But why? That’s the question Police Chief Austin Cooper wants to know, too. Struggling with his growing attraction to the married woman, he becomes Dawn’s only ally and will do anything to protect her.

When information about Noel’s past surfaces and disturbing incidents begin to snowball, a final showdown at the island’s ice caves brings shocking secrets to light.

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Secrets of Seacliff House (Secrets Series Book 1)
by Stacey Coverstone
3.9 Stars (121 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

Contemporary Gothic Romance

For the past twenty-seven years, Kayla Grayson’s mother has refused to discuss Kayla’s absent father or explain why the two of them have been alone in the world without relatives. A mysterious email sends Kayla to a Maryland beach town and her grandmother’s home, Seacliff House. There, Kayla hopes to discover who she is and why her past has been shrouded in mystery.

When Tanner Bishop discovers an old diary among his grandfather’s possessions, his interest is piqued. Some of the entries speak of Pearl, a young woman who abandoned her son and fled Maine for Maryland in 1958. The journalist in Tanner wants to know what became of Pearl once she found her way to Seacliff House. But as the woman’s great-grandson, he needs to know.

Kayla quickly learns the whereabouts of her father and meets her formidable grandmother, while Tanner investigates his own connection to Seacliff House.Through a mutual interest in searching out their roots, romance blossoms. But events that cannot be stopped are quickly set in motion — including murder — to reveal secrets of the past that threaten the couple’s hopeful future.

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Curse of the Montagues
by Stacey Coverstone
4.8 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Horror

Witch siblings, Bram and Freya Montague, are whisked from 1698 Massachusetts into the future by their well meaning aunt after an evil warlock curses them to immortality.

Fast forward to present-day Florida, where brother and sister have lived for over 300 years. Resenting a fate that prohibits him from ever dying has created in Bram a reputation for danger and soured him on the notion of a serious relationship.

Freya, on the other hand, has been open to love throughout her many lives, but no one has stolen her heart like the man she’s been dreaming of for more than three centuries.

A chance meeting with a motorcycle-riding, gun shop-owning woman and her cousin, a man who communicates with ghosts, brings with it the winds of change and has Bram and Freya emotionally battling between their desires and what they know is right.

After several supernatural encounters that cannot be ignored, the Montagues face their nemesis in a final showdown that culminates in the discovery of long-hidden truths that will once again alter their lives.

This is a Paranormal Novella, featuring witches, time travel,ghosts, and romance (sweet).

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The Spyglass Portal: A Lighthouse Novel
by Stacey Coverstone
3.9 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance

A time travel romance novel wrapped in a science fiction/fantasy tale.

House flipper, Samantha Landers, witnesses a freak accident in which her business partner ends up in a coma. Struggling to forgive herself for the part she played in the tragedy, she accepts her psychiatrist’s offer to stay in a friend’s renovated lighthouse on the coast of Maine. There in the picture perfect village of Pavee Cove, Sam hopes to find peace. But after discovering an antique sea captain’s spyglass hidden in the light tower, strange and unexplainable things begin to happen. Each time she peers through the spyglass, Sam’s world turns upside down, inside out, and sideways. Does she have a brain tumor? Are the meds she’s taking causing her to hallucinate? Or has she simply lost her mind? Stepping into this bizarre nightmare is Aidan, a man who is eerily familiar and the one constant she can count on.

Painting and the ocean are Aidan’s refuge against his own demons. As soon as Samantha walks into his life, old dreams return, as well as his obsession with a girl from the past who mysteriously disappeared. Sam might be unstable, but she needs his help, and a power stronger than logic draws him to her.

Just when Samantha is sure she’s gone mad, an old man helps her to understand the mystery of the spyglass and the mystical power that it holds. What she learns will lead her to discover buried family secrets and the one man whose soul has been connected to hers for longer than either of them can imagine.

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Lake Tavadora (The Trilogy)
by Stacey Coverstone
4.7 Stars (4 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Romance

Combining mystery, romance, and the supernatural, Lake Tavadora (The Trilogy) is a novella of three stories weaving together memorable characters who live and work on the lake in a small Florida town from the years 1881-2120.

Inspiration for this book was drawn from the charming town of Mount Dora, Florida and the historic 1883 Lakeside Inn sitting on beautiful Lake Dora, where the author lives and works.

Jennie and the Lighthouse Keeper (The Past)

Jennie Sullivan is released from an insane asylum into the care of her sister, who manages a small inn on Lake Tavadora. When Jennie rows across the lake on her own to explore a lighthouse, she meets the handsome and mysterious lighthouse keeper and feels the restoration of her damaged spirit. But after a night of forbidden romance, he vanishes into thin air, leaving Jennie a target for gossip. Either she really is crazy, or she fell in love with a ghost.

Casey and the Seaplane Pilot (The Present)

Casey Walden has given up her dream career to manage her father’s fledgling hotel on Lake Tavadora. When Tad, the man who broke her heart, flies in from Alaska on a seaplane after 18 months of estrangement, she is not willing to so easily forget the hurt he caused. All Tad wants is her forgiveness and a second chance, but two things stand in his way: Casey’s new boyfriend and the mistakes of his past.

Jack’s Story (The Future)

Jack Butterfield arrived in Florida in the year 1881 and began earning his living on Lake Tavadora. Now he and his faithful companion for over 200 years are dying. Together they discovered the fountain of youth, but the miracle elixir has finally been depleted. Old friends are long gone. The world has changed drastically. Jack is ready to go to the “big lake in the sky,” but before he succumbs, he is determined to share the secrets hidden within Lake Tavadora’s depths.

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