The great thing here is you have all three books, so no worrying about when you are going to be able to get the next book. The action starts on the very first page and it keeps it up until the very last page. This is a good series of books that anyone who enjoys dystopian style stories would like. Enjoy!

The 2250 Saga: A dystopian action-adventure
by Nirina Stone
3.9 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

Romy [Book I]:
In the year 2250, life in Apex is built on classification systems. The rich Prospo live a lavish life in skyscrapers. Poor Citizens live underground and Soren terrorists are a threat that no one wants to contend with, least of all young, healthy women that are used solely for breeding.

Twenty year old Romy believes she’s done everything right to avoid being put on the Soren auction block. She’s studied hard and attained her robotic certification to secure an enviable job in Prospo City, but when her time comes, instead of the coveted ‘B’ classification, Romy’s status leaves her vulnerable to the Soren terrorists.

Romy’s Legacy [Book II]:
It is 2255. The tyrants of the past are no more, and Romy’s life is perfect. Her quest to start a new community in the North has begun; food is plentiful; and everyone has ample space to live. All she has to look forward to is exploration and the occasional adventure.
That is, until she encounters the new people and realizes her ideal community is not what she expected.

Romy’s Last Stand:

Romy hides in plain sight amongst her enemies.
Her assignment? Help make Liberty the utopia it was meant to be, and it is right on track.
But between assassination attempts, security bots, deals with sworn enemies, and even more secrets than she can handle, she’s convinced she won’t survive the end of the world…

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