Amazon bestselling author E. Stuart Marlowe has just what horror fans are looking for. Marlowe grabs hold of you with his excellent writing and takes you on a ride you wont soon forget. Fun, polished, and sticks with you after you’ve finished. Enjoy!

by E. Stuart Marlowe
4.7 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

Splatter horror film director Jonathon Gale is desperate for a hit. But his production seems plagued by problems, innocuous at first. Then one of his actresses is shot dead by her boyfriend, and Jonathon is forced to accept that he’s facing not only a series of unrelated mishaps, but in fact, a full-blown curse.
The violence escalates: demonic possession, blood-thirsty zombies, creatures from another world. Someone wants this film to stop.
When the skittish financial backers begin to pull out, Jonathon considers dropping the project, cutting his losses, though doing so would surely lead to his shameful exile from the film world.
And so he resolves to press on despite the chaos — even if it risks death — making his film while searching for the one who has cast the sinister curse.
From the Amazon bestselling author of Menagerie comes Splatter.

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by E.Stuart Marlowe
3.4 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Horror | Science Fiction

Monsters aren’t real. They belong to the world of storybooks and legends. Or so you have been led to believe.
For the past twenty years, Gomer Horsenick has been building the world’s strangest zoo. He and his ragtag group of men have explored the globe, collecting monsters of the sea, sand, sky and sewers. And now the zoo is ready to open.
But not if Juniper Lowery can stop him. A fervent animal activist, Juniper gets wind of Gomer’s intentions and makes it her mission to set these creatures free.
When her plan backfires, the monsters flee, descending upon the nearby town. A horrific nightmare of chaos and destruction ensues. It is up to Juniper and Gomer to reconcile their differences and save the city before the terror spreads.

#19 Science Fiction Bestseller
#25 Sci Fi Adventure Bestseller
#29 Horror Bestseller

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Call Of The Kaiju
by E. Stuart Marlowe
3.9 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

A klepto. A druggie. A schoolyard bully – ten kids in all, lured to a deserted island with the promise of paradise. What they don’t know about is the hungry sea monster barreling their way.

And children are on the menu.

From E. Stuart Marlowe, the bestselling author of Menagerie, comes…

Ten delinquents have arrived, winners of a tropical vacation sweepstakes. Someone has lured them here, and as a bloodbath ensues, those surviving the nightmare discover that they are bait for a much more wicked predator.

#12 Bestseller in Sea Stories
#13 Bestseller in Horror

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