The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South. The battle to save the empire and the world begins here in Stiger’s Tigers, the first book of the exciting new series Chronicles of An Imperial Legionary Officer by Marc Alan Edelheit. Enjoy!

Stiger’s Tigers (Chronicles of An Imperial Legionary Officer Book 1)
by Marc Alan Edelheit
4.5 Stars (738 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Fantasy

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Winner of the 2016 Independent Publisher Book Bronze Award for Fantasy!!!

A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, and a born fighter… Captain Ben Stiger finds himself reassigned from a crack legion to the rebellion simmering in the South. Placed in command of a truly terrible company, the 85th Imperial Foot, he is unknowingly sent on a suicide mission to resupply an isolated outpost, the garrison of Vrell. Along the way he must rebuild his new company, gain the respect of the men he leads, survive an assassination attempt, fight bandits, rebels, and an agent of an evil god. His companions on this journey of discovery and adventure are one of the few remaining elven rangers and a paladin on a quest for the High Father.

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