I really love those mornings when you wake up naturally and feel nice and refreshed. You have a positive outlook on the day and believe you can accomplish anything. Then you look at the clock and realize you completely overslept and are about as late as late can be. You are smacked in the face with reality and you are suddenly able to fly! I had no clue I could do my whole morning routine in under 5 minutes.

Barking Bad: More Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker (LA Lights Book 5)
by Di Jones
4.8 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Mystery | Nonfiction

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Twenty two year old Tessa Taylor is at a crossroads in her acting career and personal life. She’s missing her boyfriend Ryan, who’s traveling the world; nerdy dog trainer Alex is trying to push in to her social circle; and the show she’s been working on is under threat. When ruggedly handsome company director Edward Wentworth asks her to represent his skincare line, she’s flattered.

Despite turning him down, circumstances lead Tessa to reconsider Edward’s offer. But is this the opportunity of a lifetime, or a folly that will ultimately lead her to danger? Her first challenge is to fend off unwanted advances from Edward, who’s dating a woman Tessa knows. Then, after returning to the office at night, she discovers Edward has a secret: a secret so horrifying it could destroy his company.

Tessa faces a decision, and it’s the toughest one of her life. Should she stay with the company, or should she leave? Should she expose Edward’s company for unethical business practices? And will her decision put her in harm’s way?

Whatever she decides, Tessa and her friends are in for another wild ride in book five of the LA Lights series. While all the books in the series are interconnected and the characters recur, each can be read as a stand alone novel.

The latest novel in the LA Lights series will appeal to those who love action packed adventures, set in the movie capital of Los Angeles. Add in delightful dogs, fun and friendship, hot heroes, and a shot of romance and comedy, and you will see why readers describe these books as Janet Evanovich meets Must Love Dogs.

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The Darkness: The Invasion Trilogy Book 1
by W.J. Lundy
4.4 Stars (408 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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The Darkness is a fast-paced story of survival that brings the apocalypse to Main Street USA.

While the world falls apart, Jacob Anderson barricades his family behind locked doors. News reports tell of civil unrest in the streets, murders, and disappearances; citizens are warned to remain behind locked doors. When Jacob becomes witness to horrible events and the alarming actions of his neighbors, he and his family realize everything is far worse than being reported.

Every father’s nightmare comes true as Jacob’s normal life–and a promise to protect his family–is torn apart.

From the Best Selling Author of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot comes a new telling of Armageddon.

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NEW FRONTIER OF LOVE: An American Historical Romance (American Wilderness Series Romances Book 2)
by Dorothy Wiley
4.5 Stars (224 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Romance

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His only fear was love. Her only fear was living without it.

NEW FRONTIER OF LOVE is the second American Wilderness Series Romance. Set in 1797 on America’s romantic frontier, this historical romance is a pulse-pounding page turner and was an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014 Romance Quarter Finalist.

The Revolutionary War left Captain Sam Wyllie battle-hardened. His courageous but cold heart defies danger — and love. He is determined to make a fresh start in the far west, the new state of Kentucky.

Newly widowed, Catherine Adams knows she should return to her wealthy father in Boston but fears he will once again force her to marry for prestige and wealth, not love. Drawn to Sam’s keen intelligence, harsh masculinity, and rugged warrior facade, she decides the west holds a chance for real love.

But dark forces — a ruthless enemy and a secret sorrow from Sam’s past — conspire against them. Harboring her own secrets, Catherine resolves to help this brave buckskin-clad warrior lay down his heart’s armor. Despite the undeniable attraction between them, Sam refuses to risk his heart again. Catherine won’t give up, believing he could be as passionate about love as he is about his country and family.

This heart jolting romance novel blends high action, heroism, and humor with a love and passion as powerful and beautiful as the wilderness.

Dorothy Wiley’s American Wilderness Series Romances are captivating historical romance readers. Fresh and unblinkingly gritty, this deft new writer of intelligent heart-pounding romance novels, adeptly balances the hardships of the frontier with amusing, romantic, and vivid characters you will long remember.

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Grown Men Don’t Cry
by B.W. DeCaro
4.7 Stars (63 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Humor & Satire | Coming of Age

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As the popular jocks in the one-stoplight town of Bristol, New Hampshire, Ben Chase and Jimmy Keller are best friends whose unique creativity and bold personalities make for some hilarious — and heart-wrenching — stories.

Laughter doesn’t make up for pain inflicted by their dysfunctional families, but it certainly creates some unforgettable memories.

Growing up, Ben has viewed his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as nothing more than a nuisance. Then all hell breaks loose the day that he becomes a father and realizes there is a lot in the world that he can’t control.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is battling his own demons. Since his return from his third tour of duty in Iraq, he has suffered from a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Declaring he’s had enough, Jimmy makes the conscious choice to end his life.

While out enjoying what is supposed to be his last meal, Jimmy overhears a conversation about a former baseball standout that has just months to live, and discovers it’s his old friend. Jimmy puts his suicide mission on hold to reconnect with Ben.

In their weakest moments, it’s now shared pain which helps rekindle their unbreakable bond. Grown Men Don’t Cry is the story of sacrifice, friendship, mortality and the will to persevere.

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The Ghost of Molly Holt
by Amy Cross
4.2 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

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“Molly Holt is dead. There’s nothing to fear in this house.”

When three teenagers set out to explore an abandoned house in the middle of a forest, they think they’ve found the location where the infamous Molly Holt video was filmed.

They’ve found much more than that…

Tim doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he has a crush on a girl who does. That’s why he ends up taking her out to the house, and it’s also why he lets her take his only flashlight. But as they explore the house together, Tim and Becky start to realize that something else might be lurking in the shadows.

Something that, ten years ago, suffered unimaginable pain.

Something that won’t rest until a terrible wrong has been put right.

THE GHOST OF MOLLY HOLT is a horror novel a boy who refuses to believe in ghosts, even as the evidence mounts all around him. But as darkness creeps into the house, will he be able to hold his nerve? Or will he finally have to accept that Molly Holt has risen from her unmarked grave in search of revenge?

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