Set in Los Angeles, California and Milan, Italy, Cinderella-ish by Joslyn Westbrook is the first book in the Razzle My Dazzle series and is filled with ritz, glamour, fun , and romance. Find out for yourself why readers just can’t get enough of this enchanting  and hilarious take on Cinderella. Enjoy!

Cinderella-ish (Razzle My Dazzle Book 1)
by Joslyn Westbrook
4.3 Stars (32 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Satire | Humor & Satire | Humor & Entertainment

All of The Prince Charmings of The World Can Just Suck It…

Daniella Belle wants nothing more to do with members of the opposite sex; instead, she’ll focus on what matters most — becoming a lingerie designer. That’s until she’s offered an opportunity of a lifetime by an annoyingly arrogant man who believes he can charm the panties off of every woman he meets.

Antonio Michaels has never had to work hard at anything. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he’s been served up a hefty life of entitlement. He’s handsome, charmingly arrogant, and dates a different model every month. When he meets Daniella Belle, a bombshell who seems unfazed by his mere existence, he finds himself captivated by her looks, her unrelenting potty mouth, and the fact he can’t stop thinking about her.

Will Antonio have to work hard to make Daniella believe he’s the man destined to sweep her off of her feet? Or will Daniella’s bad luck with men make her continue to doubt fairytale romances truly exist?

Set in Los Angeles, California and Milan, Italy, Cinderella-ish is the first book in the Chick Lit series of stories-Razzle My Dazzle-romantic tales with a splash of glitz.

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