Romance is the name of the game in this collection and author Katherine St. Clair delivers! Full of adventure, love, humor, and wonderful characters you wont soon forget. Enjoy!

Harvey Girls: Kit: Finding Freedom and Love
by Katherine St. Clair
4.6 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Romance

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It’s 1895 in North Carolina, and in some way, Kit Pridgeon is a girl like any other from Fish Town. She’s had a bit of schooling, and now she works at the local cannery. Her friend Letty dreams of marriage and a family of her own. Kit could choose that life, but she wants more.

But it’s 1895 in North Carolina, and her options are limited.

In the newspaper, she sees an advertisement calling for young women to go and work for the Harvey Company – a growing chain of restaurants – that serves hungry railway passengers traveling to the untamed west. But the interview is miles away in Raleigh… does she dare? Will she leave her family and the life she knows, and risk everything for independence and adventure?

Yes, she will! But it’s not easy. Leaving home is only the first of many challenges for Kit, from facing her own doubts to proving herself, and standing up to the judgment of others – including her closest new friend. With hard work and an instinctive knowledge of how to bring out the best in others, Kit progresses in her career, until she gets a message from home.

Racing back across the country to the bedside of a loved one, Kit begins to question what will make her happy. When it looks like love will be a better choice, Kit is tempted to leave her life out west behind. Are fate, friendship, determination, and good advice enough to keep Kit on the right path? Can she have a successful career, and also the love and respect of a good man? Is there a man out there who is strong enough to value her, and give her wild heart a home?

Read on to learn Kit’s fate, and discover the famous Harvey Girls, whose hard work and courage helped build a restaurant empire like no other.

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A Home for the Heart Louisa’s Journey West: A Historical Western Pioneer Romance
by Katherine St. Clair
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Romance

The Civil War has changed the South forever, and the vultures are circling…
Follow Louisa’s journey west from Georgia to Kansas and see her joys and hardships in this clean and wholesome, sweet historical pioneer western romance set in 1865. It will make your heart melt!

Louisa has lost her parents and her home, and her siblings are scattered, divided amongst kind relatives. She is grateful for the shelter offered her by her friend Sarah’s family, and she works hard to show it. But they too have paid a heavy price ¬- their son Thomas is never coming back, Matthew has lost an arm, and James… well, perhaps James will never quite recover. And the troubled times are not over. The winter has been hard, and under the new government, the taxes are more than many farmers can pay. They’re going to lose the farm.

There is no future in the South. It’s time to go.

Samuel Burke decides to sell his farm and move his family to Kansas. Over the objections of his Southern wife, he and his remaining sons, Sarah, and Louisa pack and begin the journey to a new life. On the way, each of them will face big challenges, from the physical hardships to loneliness, fear, and broken hearts. Through it all, Louisa is courageous and hardworking. With the help of her journal, she finds her way through betrayal and disappointment, on foot through the Kansas territory, and into the arms of the man she is destined to spend her life with.

Louisa’s story brings to life the conditions endured by the countless pioneers who made their way by wagon across the prairies in the 19th century, especially those who came from the South after the war.

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Under the Desert Stars: A Red Mountain Western Romance
by Katherine St. Clair
3.4 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Coming of Age | Westerns

A Sweet , Clean Christian Western Historical Romance story set in the Arizona desert foothills of Red Mountain at the end of the 1800s that will touch your heart!

Sarah has never known any life but one in the Arizona desert, where she has grown up with her friends Jesse and Gerrard. They have been more or less equals, but things are beginning to change…

The friends are growing up and starting to notice each other in new ways, and it’s complicating the easy friendship they once had. The boys quarrel frequently now, and it’s a mystery to Sarah.

Anyway, she has enough to do just trying to sort out her own feelings. Her father is a pastor, and his teachings figure heavily in Sarah’s thinking, but she’s learning that she does not always agree with him. This comes to the fore when he makes plans for her future that she just can’t make peace with.

She often turns to the stars in the wide night sky for solace, and this is never truer than when she is trying to tame her heart to do her father’s bidding, as she knows good Christian daughters must. But the weight of betrayal, the threat of a shattering loss, and a heart as wild as those desert stars combine, and Sarah must choose.

Will she bow her head, and her heart, and do as she is bid? Is she strong enough to weather the journey ahead? Can she come to understand God’s plan for her?

Is her father’s love strong enough to withstand the choices she must make?

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Under a Texas Sky – Annie and Patrick
by Katherine St. Clair, Marjorie Kramer
4.5 Stars (43 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality

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A sweet western historical romance story that will touch your heart…

Annie Price is as wild as the land she lives on. Trying to squeeze herself into the confines of a proper lady in 1902 Texas, Annie finds herself veering recklessly from the expected path. She spends her time on Good Prudence Ranch healing the local animals, riding too fast, and living too large.

Patrick Mc Allister lost his dearly loved wife three years ago, but she left him with a special part of herself, Patrick’s five-year-old son. Patrick’s son has been nicknamed “Kick” for a reason; he’s little boy with a fiery soul and good aim. It has been difficult for Patrick to be both mother and father to Kick but Patrick has been happy with his single status. The rest of the Mc Allister family, however, are not. His father and siblings have begun to demand he find a new wife to raise his unruly tot.

When Patrick’s beloved dog Rooster gets a possibly fatal wound, Patrick has to decide if he will overcome a long-standing feud between neighbors Price and Mc Allister to have Annie save Rooster’s life, or let tradition keep them both from entering into the other’s world.

When Patrick’s son, Kick, makes the terrible mistake of kicking the town pastor, Patrick’s father, Pate, has had enough. Patrick’s first wife was a mail-order-bride and Pate writes to her family for one of her sister’s to come and take her place as Patrick’s new wife.

Annie has turned down two previous marriage proposals and Annie’s mother, Constance, will make sure there is a third one. Constance makes arrangements with a local family and Annie is pressured to leave behind her wild ways for a new life, that of a proper young lady…

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Santa Fe Mail Order Brides Box Set 5 Books in 1: 1. Matthew Touched by Grace 2. Mark Found by Hope 3. Luke Embraced by Faith 4. John Finds Love 5. Eli Sought by Serenity
by Katherine St. Clair
4.8 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Westerns

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Mail Order Brides for the Pastor’s Sons! This sweet inspirational historical Christian western romance series includes 5 books.
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Six years ago, following the death of his wife, Pastor Elijah Wells moved his four sons to Santa Fe to build a new church. His congregation grew quickly – and so did his sons. But then he had a problem. They would soon be grown and would want to start families of their own, and the town had very few women. Praying for a solution, Eli posted an advertisement. His prayers (and his ad) were answered by Cece Baker, a widow from Boston, who would join forces with him to find women who, for a multitude of their own reasons, would want to relocate for a chance at a new life… and love. And this is how the Santa Fe Mail Order Bride Agency was formed.

In book 1, Matthew Touched by Grace, can Grace overcome adversity and find true love in Santa Fe with Pastor Eli’s eldest son Matthew?

In book 2, Mark Found by Hope, when Mark starts looking for a mail order bride to find his soul mate, he finds Hope and little Albert.

In book 3, Luke Embraced by Faith, when Luke starts looking for a mail order bride, he finds a beautiful and fierce Irish girl named Faith…

In Book 4, John Blessed by Love, John finds love where he least expects it. Will he convince his family that he has found his true love in Pelipa, a young Native American?

In book 5, Elijah Sought by Serenity, Eli is now ready to find serenity and give love a second chance.


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