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Hard Duty: Merkiaari Wars Book 1
by Mark E. Cooper
4.2 Stars (446 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Hostile aliens nearly eradicated humanity. Will the next encounter finish the job?

Sixteen billion dead in the last alien invasion of the Alliance’s colony worlds.When survey ship Captain Jeff Colgan discovers a new alien race, he’s required to investigate.

As the aliens discover Colgan’s ship and begin to hunt him down, the captain’s mission changes from one of study to one of survival.

Hard Duty is the first installment in Merkiaari Wars, a military sci-fi of alien invasion and space exploration. If you like realistic engineering, vivid battles, and futuristic warfare, then you’ll love Mark E. Cooper’s sci-fi work of art.

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His Island Bride (The Bride Series Book 4)
by Shadonna Richards
3.5 Stars (406 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Humor & Entertainment

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She wasn’t looking for love, but love found her… while vacationing on the sunny island of Jamaica.

With mixed emotions, Jessica Mills can’t wait to escape to the Caribbean — away from an arranged marriage agreement to honor her new found heritage. She is to meet her potential groom-to-be in two weeks. She finally books her long-awaited vacation to a resort in Jamaica only to be double booked in the same suite as a gorgeous, irresistible stranger — who happens to get under her skin.

Sexy, undercover billionaire, James Carrington has more on his mind than relationships. On the verge of making an important business decision that can affect his entire future and everything he’s worked for, he goes to Jamaica to think and indulge in recreational activities. He did not count on having a beautiful brunette in his suite — a pleasant but ill-timed distraction. There’s no mistaking the sparks that fly between Jessica and James at one of the island’s hottest resorts. But Jessica is betrothed to someone else… which direction will her heart follow?

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Hope For Garbage
by Alex Tully
4.4 Stars (163 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Coming of Age

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Welcome to the cruel world of Trevor McNulty. No matter how hard he tries, this seventeen year-old just can’t get a break. Through no fault of his own, he finds himself living with his alcoholic uncle on the outskirts of Cleveland. His days are filled with garbage-picking and hanging out with his seventy year-old neighbor, who also happens to be his best friend.

One early morning while scanning the streets in a wealthy suburb, he meets Bea, a rebellious rich girl with problems of her own. She’s smart, cute, and a glimmer of light in his dark world.
But in the midst of their budding romance, Bea’s beautiful mother enters the picture with an agenda of her own. She sets off a chain of events so shocking and destructive, Trevor’s crazy life soon becomes more than he can handle. While he is desperate to save his relationship with Bea, he learns that nothing in his world can be saved unless he first saves himself.

Hope for Garbage is a story about resilience — about overcoming adversity under the most extraordinary circumstances — about never, ever, giving up hope.
Because sooner or later, everybody gets a break.

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The Exonerated Trilogy
by JC Ryan
4.3 Stars (82 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Crime Fiction

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All three books in the fast-paced legal thriller trilogy ‘Exonerated’, by bestselling author JC Ryan.

Judgement Call

Andy Gibbons had been sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. After ten years inside he had abandoned all hope and resigned himself to the fact that he would remain there for the rest of his life.

But the fact that Andy has admitted defeat and thrown in the towel didn’t mean his wife, Jamie, did.

Disillusioned and worn out by the justice system, the Honorable Judge Regan St Clair was just about to pack in too when a letter from Jamie Gibbons arrived on her desk…

Before long Regan St Clair and Jake Westley, a former Special Forces operator, stumble into a quagmire world of deceit and menace. A world where nothing is as it seems, and no one and nothing can be trusted.

Is Andy Gibbons really innocent? Can he be exonerated? At what price?

Damned If You Do Damned If You Don’t

Conrad Wilson, an ex-detective, had less than a month to live. The date of his execution, by lethal injection, was scheduled for the 1st June. All legal avenues had been exhausted — the Governor of New Hampshire refused to review his case.

The only problem was; Conrad Wilson was innocent, but no one cared. Or rather, everyone that cared wanted him executed. His only chance to escape certain death was Judge Regan St Clair and Jake Westley. Did they have enough time to stop the execution?

Jake and Regan quickly discovered a number of holes in the Wilson case — tampering with forensic evidence, an alibi that stood up to scrutiny… It was evident that Wilson was innocent, he certainly didn’t kill his mistress as was alleged. Someone has gone to great lengths to shift the blame onto an innocent man.

But why were so many people desperate to see him dead — for a crime he didn’t commit? Who was the real killer?

Was Wilson framed in order to let the real killer get away?

Or was there some truth in what Pavo, one of the Organization bosses said: everyone is guilty of something?

The End Justifies The Means

Jessie Bell’s last parole hearing was a disgrace — one board member called her a witch and a harpy, and said that given the chance, he would have her put down like a rabid dog.

Ten years in prison for killing her sadistically abusive husband had turned Jessie Bell into a poisoned, embittered, and dangerous person. The parole hearing was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was payback time.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? No, not for Jessie Bell. Her version of justice wasn’t just about getting even. It was about taking back twice as much as had been taken from you. Two eyes for one. Justice meant redressing all the imbalances — and putting out only one eye didn’t compare to the loss of all the advantages of losing two eyes.

Fortunately, Jessie is offered the position of the late Pavo, Regan’s Uncle Paul, in the Organization.

And she accepted it.

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I Faced the Wind: A Frontier Woman’s Courage
by Joy Newbold
4.6 Stars (42 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Teen & Young Adult

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Caroline defies her mother and follows her heart to marry Mormon frontiersman, Mosiah Behunin. “You’ll be raising your children in some lonesome valley where white folk never go.” Ma predicts sourly. But Caroline shrugs off her mother’s bitter words — sure that the ruggedly handsome man who has stolen her heart wants the same things she does. However, Brigham Young learns that Mosiah — who settled Zion Canyon with his parents — is friendly with the Indian people and speaks their language. Mosiah is called to take his young family and live among the Indians to defray the Indian uprisings that threaten the budding settlements. Caroline is terrified, but, at length, follows her husband to live in an Indian wikiup.

The years that follow will be fraught with almost insurmountable challenges. Mosiah’s life is constantly at risk, as is her own and sometimes her children’s. Can Charoline find purpose and joy as she steps forward with her face to the wind?

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