Romance and passion await in this set of brand-new novels! Fall in love with smart women and hunky heroes who have something special mixed into their stories. From ghostly love to psychics to mythological gods falling for humans… this set is full of romance along with a touch of magic mixed into the spice.

Mystic Passion: 6 Paranormal Romance Novels
by Multiple Authors
4.8 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Denise Moncrief – Wild Rose

Being a single mom away from family and friends will be tough for Dani Wilde, but if she stays in Montrose, she’ll get sucked back into her old life. Cole LaFleur can’t see how hiring Dani to help with the renovations of the old Wild Rose Inn in Telluride can be anything but trouble. Renovating the hotel stirs up more than dust. Does love have a ghost of a chance?

Nikki Lynn Barrett – Peaceful Slumber

After a near death experience, Scott discovers he can see ghosts. He wants nothing to do with this gift. It isn’t until an amnesiac ghost in a blood stained wedding dress enters his life that he starts to think differently. He promises to help figure out who she is, even if it means she has to move on. Go figure, she’s the one person he gets along with, and wishes she were alive.

Rachelle Ayala – Black Tied

Sapphire Sing needs to discover her grandmother’s matchmaking secret. When her friends steal Grandma’s magic wok, one reputed to cast love spells, she is hurled into an ancient conflict between playboy demons and one seriously hunky demigod who is determined to capture both her heart and her wok. After an epic battle between demigod Johnny Wok and the playboy demon king, Sapphire is forced to make a choice that cuts to her heart.

Sharon Coady – Safe With You

A resident witch. A reluctant hero. When they fall in love they learn he must go into battle to save two worlds.

Chantel Rhondeau – Gifted Visions (Faith Baxter, Psychic Detective)

Psychic Faith Baxter is called to a small Wyoming town to find a missing teenager. She didn’t anticipate having a skeptic for a partner. Detective Evan Flynn wants to solve the case quickly and escape his so-called psychic partner. She pulls forth repressed childhood memories and throws him off kilter. Can Evan put aside his belief that Faith is a fraud and keep her safe when the case takes a dangerous twist?

Mimi Barbour – His Devious Angel (Angels with Attitudes – Book #2)

Man-hater gets mixed up with a crazy, hotshot soldier when he runs her down with his convertible. Now she’s stuck having to accept his help to do her dog-walking job. Just her luck some expensive pets go missing, and her new partner decides the puppy-mill rumor needs to be investigated. Dangerous work without an eccentric angel to assist.

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