I am not sure what I just committed to. A friend on Facebook is rounding people up to do a secret Santa, and it sounded easy and kinda fun, but then she sent me a HUGE list of instructions. Maybe the list isn’t that bad and I just need another cup of coffee to read through all of it. I’m just not sure. I like the part where I get lots of presents, but I am not keen on asking six of my friends to join. It’s an actual friend who is organizing it, so I trust her. I vowed this holiday season to do more fun stuff and things that were out of my comfort zone. If I can get away with not recruiting six friends I think this might actually be fun. Let’s give this a try and see what happens.

Blood and Sand: A Hank Boyd Adventure (The Hank Boyd Adventures Book 1)
by Matt James
4.1 Stars (265 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Literature & Fiction | Action & Adventure

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A fierce sandstorm hits southern Algeria and uncovers a lost ruin, its location unknown to modern man… until now. A team led by slacker archaeologist, Harrison “Hank” Boyd, is called in to investigate the find.

In way over his head, Hank must lead his team through countless dangers and survive brutal encounters with enemies both human and inhuman alike. And if that’s not bad enough, a shadowy group with a thirst for violence and a blind ambition is hot on their heels and will stop at nothing to obtain what has been found.

Hank and company should have heeded the warning left by the ancient civilization who built this place. Expertly carved into the face of the golden relief found at the ruin entrance and written in perfect Latin is ‘liberate te ex inferis’… save yourself from hell.

Matthew James’ debut novel is an action-packed thrill-ride reminiscent of Jeremy Robinson, Matthew Reilly, and James Rollins. Sit back and enjoy yourself while getting lost in an adventure like no other.

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One S’more Summer (The Campfire Series Book 1)
by Beth Merlin
4.5 Stars (51 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Humor & Satire

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For twenty long years, Gigi Goldstein has been pining away for her best friend’s guy. She knows it’s wrong and it has to stop, but she hasn’t been able to let go ever since they all met on the bus to summer camp back when they were seven years old. The same week that her best friends finally announce their wedding date, Gigi loses her high-profile design job. With all of her dreams unravelling, she runs to the last place she remembers being happy.

Taking the Head Counselor position at Camp Chinooka, Gigi hopes to reclaim the joy she felt as a camper, but the job isn’t all campfire songs and toasting marshmallows. Gigi’s girls are determined to make her look bad in front of the boys’ Head Counselor — the sexy but infuriating Perry — and every scrap of the campground is laced with memories.

When Gigi finally realizes she can’t escape the present by returning to her past, she’s forced to reexamine her life and find the true meaning of love. But will she be able to mend fences and forgive herself before she loses her one real shot at happiness?

If you love Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin, you’ll love this heartwarming debut from a fresh voice in contemporary chick-lit that offers a lighthearted and fun take on friendship, love, and how to recover from past mistakes.

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Maria’s Trail (The Mule Tamer)
by John Horst, Paulette Bethel
4.1 Stars (59 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Romance | Westerns

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Prequel to The Mule Tamer trilogy, Maria’s Trail chronicles the first adventures of Senora Arvel Walsh. Chica, Artemis, the beautiful devil, she is the great tragic hero of The Mule Tamer saga. Follow this remarkable woman as she journeys through the first adventures of her life, suffering hardship and pain, loss and danger, betrayal and first love. Her exploits are legendary and it soon becomes evident why everyone who comes under her spell can only love her. Maria’s Trail is a long and tumultuous one, essential to make the glorious Maria the remarkable creature that we’ve come to know and love.

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Private Lucky: One Man’s Unconventional Journey from the Horrors of Nazi Occupation to the Fulfillment of a High-Flying American Dream
by Hendrik Gillebaard, Melissa Guzzetta
5.0 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: History

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This true story of survival, determination, and incredible luck will lift your spirits and inspire you to never give up on your dreams!

Some people are born lucky. Others make their own luck. As a boy, Hank wanted nothing more than to fly like the fighter pilots he admires in the skies over Amsterdam. When the lives of Dutch citizens are turned upside down with the Nazi occupation of Holland, his dreams will have to wait as he witnesses the tragic unfolding of events affecting those around him before finding himself in a fight for his own life. He must go into hiding before his sixteenth birthday despite the fact that he is not Jewish.

After the war, his life takes another unexpected turn when he is enlisted by his father in the American Army in Germany where his inability to speak English results in hilarious missteps at every turn. He can roll with the punches if the Army will teach him to fly, but when he learns that pilot training stopped with the end of the war, it seems he’ll never reach his goal.

Undaunted, Private Hank evolves into a suave and popular soldier. He learns what it means to be American, arriving in America broke but determined to pursue his lofty goals in a manner only this quirky and very lucky Dutch-American would even think of trying, flying by the seat of his pants to some of the highest levels of aviation.

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Piece of Cake Paleo – The Effortless Paleo Baking Bible
by Jack Roberts
3.9 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Piece of Cake Paleo is THE cookbook for baking while following the Paleo diet.

Are you finding it painfully difficult to keep yourself from reaching for the cakes and cookies?

Clueless and overwhelmed when asked to make “real” food that’s actually tasty?

Humiliated because nobody wants to eat what you make?

Sick and tired of always feeling hungry?

Dreading the “tasty treats” restrictions placed on you?

Loath the world as you watch them indulge in tasty desserts?

Ever feel helpless and misunderstood when trying to justify your “boring” cooking concoctions?

Ever feel like this so-called healthy eating paleo lifestyle is actually making your life miserable?

Well now we have the Effortless Paleo Baking Bible!

The purpose of this book is to:

– Provide genuine, easy, quick, and delicious recipes for people who don’t have a lot of time to be in the kitchen

– Make the Paleo diet easy for ANYONE to follow by providing substitutes for your favourite foods (think Paleo burgers, cookies, cakes, and more)

– Provide amazing dessert recipes so you’ll never have to kick yourself after answering to your sweet tooth again

– Provide recipes for any occasion. Whether you’re holding a dinner party for you and your friends, or making sandwiches for your kid’s lunch.

And since you’re following the Paleo diet, you’ll also experience:

– Weight loss
– Increased energy levels
– Better sleeps at night
– Less depression and anxiety
– A healthier body and a healthier mind

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