I remember watching the movie IT when I was younger, which seems odd to me since I have a horrible fear of clowns and a general dislike for horror movies. Even so, I don’t remember it really messing me up like I hear it did with some people. I do remember hating the ending where it turns out he was just a great big spider. I think that’s what ruined it for me. I remember feeling a bit cheated. Although, now that I read exactly what It is I think it’s much more interesting. Because of all the hype about the new one I was actually thinking about watching the remake. That was until I read about the actor who plays Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard, was having his own nightmares about the evil clown. Can you imagine?  Poor guy plays an evil clown and it has been giving him horrible nightmares. That must be one scary clown. So I guess that would be a whole lot of nope for me then. If the actor who played the bad guy is freaked out, I don’t need that in my life.

Silent Night (Sam Archer Book 4)
by Tom Barber
4.4 Stars (224 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction | Suspense

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On a cold December morning in New York City, a man is found dead in Central Park. There are no knife or gunshot wounds to his body and no signs of violence. But beside the body is a box containing a cracked vial. Suspecting he died from some sort of biological attack, a lab team screen the body.

What they find is deeply unsettling and terrifying.

Seven months after he left the ARU, Sam Archer is now a 3rd Grade Detective in the NYPD’s Counter Terrorism Bureau. However, not everything has gone as expected. Most of his new squad have welcomed him. Others haven’t. But when he and the rest of his team are called in urgently and told of the situation all personal differences need to be put aside. It’s been confirmed the man in Central Park was killed by an unknown strain of a toxic pneumonic virus. Once inhaled, there is no chance of survival. The victim dies quickly, violently and in agonising pain. There is no antidote. No one knows where it has come from, who planted it in the Park and why. No ransom demands or threats have been received. Archer and his team are ordered to find out who was responsible, and to locate and secure any other strains of the virus that may exist.

However, they are already almost out of time.

Someone is intending to release more of the virus into the city within the next ninety minutes.

As they desperately search for answers, Archer and the rest of his team quickly discover that the cracked vial in the Park was just the start. They are also not alone in wanting to get their hands on the virus. There are others, people with far more sinister motives who are desperate to acquire the virus and who will kill anyone who gets in their way.

As people around him start going down, Archer must battle to stay one step ahead in the race to find the toxic weapon before it is used again. When he and his team finally realise the full horrifying extent of what they’re dealing with and the potentially devastating effects of its release, Archer must do everything he possibly can to stay alive and secure the lethal virus before many more people die.

However, he is already too late.

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Six Months in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance Series, Book 1)
by Pamela M. Kelley
4.1 Stars (1,226 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance | Sagas

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Molly Bishop loves living in Manhattan and managing a boutique luxury hotel. She’s about to be promoted to her dream job of General Manager, the role she’s been striving for her entire career.

There’s only one thing standing in her way.

The will of her childhood friend, Christian Ford’s grandfather. She hasn’t even seen Christian in over ten years, but a recent run-in with his grandfather during a rare visit home, resulted in a new condition to the will. Christian will only inherit the ranch he’s been running and the real estate development business that he has expanded, if he marries Molly and stays married for at least six months.

This is what I would call a cozy romance, it’s romantic and sweet and is set in a small fictional town about 30 miles from Bozeman, MT. Warning, if you prefer your stories with the bedroom doors wide open and the windows steamed up, you may be disappointed. 🙂

I love to cook and try new recipes and if you do too, you may want to check out the recipe I included at the end of the book, for Lazy Lobster Casserole, the dish that Molly serves her guests at the Rose Cottage Inn’s first wine dinner. It’s a recipe I know by heart and have made a million times and is great for special occasions.

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Curse (Wexkia trilogy Book 1)
by Dale Furse
4.3 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Science Fiction

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Nell’s seemingly simple existence is turned upside down when her father reveals a stunning secret: The seventeen-year-old isn’t human, but is a product of two warring alien species.

Now Nell must confront doubt and hostility because others see her as a threat to their way of life. In the midst of all that she’s facing, an even more mysterious secret eludes her. Finding the answers will set her on a desperate quest with danger lurking at every corner.

As the number of enemies steadily rise, so too does her resolve to seek the truth. With her friend Sam in tow, an epic adventure begins, the likes of which will have far-reaching implications.

In this first book of the Wexkia Trilogy, Author Dale Furse takes us on an adventure in a world, inhabited by bizarre beings and an uncertain future.

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St James Gate: A Brew City Revenge Thriller (A James Webb Novel Book 1)
by BL Burke
4.4 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Thrillers | Suspense

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They killed his dog, now he’s after them.

In the Brew City, where people disappear every day, criminals are vanishing off the streets. They’re turning up, but it’s in an underground animalistic fighting pit where the winner gets his life. The only proof is the video sent out for all to see.

James is trying to make amends for losing his closest companion and best friend. He works to help the lost and abandoned animals who give everything and expect nothing. But there is something else in him, an abhorrence for people who abuse them. A hatred that won’t go away. But will he do anything to stop these monsters?

Detective Perry Jefferson finds an abandoned van with drops of blood and a caged pit bull in the back. It’s owned by his missing brother, a drug dealer and known dog fighter. The search brings him back to his previous life, one he’d rather forget with old acquaintances who’d rather see him in the dirt. Can Perry save his brother and get out unscathed?

St. James is edge-of-your-seat crime/ revenge thriller perfect for fans of James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and Jeffery Deaver.

Check out the first installment of the James Webb Suspense Thriller Trilogy today!

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Sleep Secrets: How to Fall Asleep Fast, Beat Fatigue and Insomnia and Get A Great Night’s Sleep
by Ronald M Bazar
3.9 Stars (72 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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End your sleeplessness and fatigue now and get the sleep you crave. Learn quick easy tips to solve your sleep problem.

Imagine discovering how good a great sleep feels. What if you could finally enjoy life again and feel energized at last?

Look at what Dr. Andrew Weil, America’s famous and best-selling author on holistic health and well-known Integrative Medicine founder (who has been featured twice on the cover of Time Magazine) has to say about Sleep Secrets:

Sleep Secrets is the book you should read for good, practical information on how to get a good night’s sleep. Insomnia, sleep deprivation, snoring and sleep apnea — this comprehensive resource has it all.

In this book you will learn:
Why you need to know about breakthrough sleep research, practices and techniques that can make a huge difference to your sleep problem.
Why some ancient time-tested sleep wisdom is worth knowing.
Why you don’t want to ignore some expert sleep-doctor advice that may help you get more sleep.
Why cutting-edge sleep product innovations can allow you to not only sleep better but to get some joy back into your life.
How the many insightful natural health tips and supplements featured can get you off of sleeping pills and meds at last and leave you feeling alert and refreshed.
How these highly successful mind-body methodologies can overcome your sleep problem — whether insomnia, snoring or sleep apnea — once and for all.

Why Should You Choose Sleep Secrets Over All Other Sleep Books?
Because Sleep Secrets is the most comprehensive sleep guide available, drawing from the widest possible range of sources. You can finally design the sleep solution that works best for you.

It is an all-inclusive guide to discovering the underlying causes of your insomnia and how to cure it.

Sleep Secrets is for you if:
?You wake up exhausted instead of refreshed.
?You have trouble sleeping, even when you are tired.
?You take more than 20 minutes to fall asleep or back to sleep if you awaken.
?You want to stop taking sleeping pills.
?You feel moody or depressed.
?You suffer from snoring or sleep apnea.
?Your sex life has suffered from lack of desire or energy.

Why wait to finally solve your sleep problems?

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