I wish the ability to eat all of your kid’s candy was considered a skill. I had to do a lot of tip toeing, distracting, and acting (lying) in order to properly dispose of all that candy. I am am proud of myself. I accomplished a very hard task. I do it for the kids!

Yellow Ribbon (Dev Haskell – Private Investigator Book 11)
by Mike Faricy
4.2 Stars (131 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery

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Yellow Ribbon is the ELEVENTH mystery in the highly entertaining Dev Haskell Private Investigator series.

“Faricy is the next Carl Hiaasen.” Crime Scene


The city’s laziest Private Investigator, Dev Haskell, agrees to help out his friend Isabella and babysit her two young daughters. But he’s on the job for little more than an hour before he’s assaulted and the girls are kidnapped by Carlos O’Kelly, along with Dev’s Sig Sauer pistol and his car.

Apparently the world’s dumbest criminal, Carlos next knocks over a mob card game, using, of course, Dev’s gun and car. Which puts Dev in something of an awkward position with the local crime lord, Tubby Gustafson. Tubby gives him forty-eight hours to get the money back. And Isabella’s kind of missing her kids, no pressure or anything.

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The Spirit (The Spirit Trilogy Book 1)
by D. Nichole King
4.5 Stars (105 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Fantasy

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While seventeen year-old Carrie Reese’s parents were working out the details of their divorce, she headed to Villisca, Iowa to stay with her grandparents.

Villisca was home to the infamous Axe Murder House…

It’s known to be haunted by the ghosts of the victims and their killer. Carrie doesn’t believe in ghosts, but the moving curtains and red flashes of light in the windows of Lot 310 were starting to give her reason to watch her back.

Then in walked Lucas…

Within days, Carrie knew she was in love. But Lucas seemed strange: his hands were cool and hollow, he barely touched his food, and there was sadness behind his brilliant green eyes.

Lucas was falling for Carrie but knowing that loving her puts her in grave danger, he reluctantly slips out of her life…
He struggles between staying away and telling Carrie his darkest secret. Unable to stand being apart from her any longer, he decides she must know.

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They Called Him Cav: Reloaded
by William Coury, William Woodward
3.8 Stars (98 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Historical Fiction | Westerns | Romance

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Our father wrote this western back in the late forties to early fifties, when he was a young man with big dreams fresh out of college — dreams which had to be postponed by his stint in the Navy during World War II. He has long since passed away, but his book remains, gathering dust on my shelf when it should have been entertaining good folks like you. So here it is at last: a western with heart written on an old manual typewriter. The story takes place in the badlands of West Texas (where he lived), and is chock-full of all the sprawling drama, heartache, triumph, tragedy, and gun-slinging grit one could desire.

The cover of the book is adapted from an oil painting brushed by our father back in 77 — one of many. I remember it hanging on the wall when I was a kid. I believe it was his favorite, so thought it only fitting that it be the cover. Now, finally, after all these years, our dad will get the recognition he deserves for both his writing and his painting.
I sure hope he can see what’s going on down here, ’cause I know it would make him smile. So take a deep breath, and let the troubles of the modern world slip away as you journey back to a simpler time (two simpler times, actually), the old west, and the 1940’s…

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The Lost Garden (Evan Knight Book 1)
by K.T. Tomb
3.8 Stars (97 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction | Suspense

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Dr. Evan Knight, maverick historian and martial arts expert, is obsessed with proving the existence of the Garden of Eden.

When Jessima IL Eve, a Daughter with special powers, hears his passionate lecture on the Garden of Eden, she thinks he might be the Chosen One. After she puts him to a test, she enlists his aid in saving the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life?the life force for all life.

Someone else is interested in the Tree of Life, too. Alexey Konstantin, owner of a pharmaceutical empire, acquires a vial of miraculous healing oil. When Alexey learns the source of the oil, he begins his quest for the Garden of Eden he will stop at nothing to seize the Tree of Life for his own fame and fortune.

When threats manifest, Jess warns Evan about one of her Fallen sisters who seeks to destroy the Garden and raise up an army of hideous beings that will do her diabolical bidding.

As the Chosen One who is prophesied to save the Garden, Evan becomes a target for the Fallen. As Evan seeks his life’s true and noble purpose, danger increases at a fast and furious rate.

Will Evan and Jess escape the clutches of the evil ones who seek to steal and destroy the Tree of Life and the Garden of Eden?

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The Gluten-Free Baking Bible (Gluttony of Gluten-Free)
by Georgia Lee
3.8 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Welcome to the Gluttony of Gluten-Free series. The complete source for quick, easy, gulten-free-and-delicious recipes the whole family will love.

Being restricted to a gluten-free diet is expensive and frustrating!

With so little to choose from at the grocery store, meals can get boring quick – and with such pricy choices, it’s hard not to get annoyed. The fairytale cravings build up and you suffer hard for cheating the diet!

Life doesn’t need be that hard, and you can still eat the foods you crave!

This series is loaded with traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack favourites as well a different spin on what you’re used to seeing on market shelves and other Gluten-Free cookbooks. You’ll find several recipes inspired by the traditional culinary techniques of different ethnic backgrounds from all over the world – all mastered to be Gluten-Free, and in your kitchen in a quick and easy fashion.

The Gluttony of Gluten-Free series is meant to:

• Provide delicious foods you would want regardless if you had a wheat allergy or not

• Provide delicious foods your kids will crave as well

• Offer a quick and easy solution to all of your cravings and during all meal times

• Deliver food that will leave you feeling satisfied and flare-free

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