If you are looking for a way to travel back to the past than look no further than Lady Mathilda by Marcella Denis Spencer. You will travel back in time and fall in love with her characters, and you’ll be solving the mystery right along side them. An easy read you won’t be able to put down. This book will have you begging for another one. Enjoy!

Lady Mathilda (The Missing Eagles Book 1)
by Marcella Denise Spencer
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Historical Fiction

Cairo, Egypt 1813
The Bakhoum and Nacif families were arranging a marriage. The dowry was negotiated in letters, some in pictorial writings to disguise the possession of priceless family heirlooms. When a few notes fall in the hands of a British naval officer, family members go missing.

Against her better judgment, Mathilda Sears takes a job as a lady’s companion in London. Complications arise when polite society goes abuzz over a missing shipment, and then a certain lord, aware of the conspiracy, takes a marked interest in Mathilda. As the daughter of a baron, the match is deemed tolerable, but hardly a brilliant one for his lordship.
However, the courtship becomes neither here nor there when Mathilda learns that the shipment is a family.

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