I am just a few pages away from finishing a book I started a few days ago. This is by far the most critical time for me in book reading. I just have a few pages and I am sure the planets are working against me to make sure I don’t read those last few pages. It always seems to happen that way for me when I get to the end of a book. Something or someone always distracts me and next thing I know a month has gone by and I still hadn’t finished the book. When and if I do finally finish it, it no longer has the impact it once would have. This time I have the brilliant plan of hiding in the bathroom. Yes, yes… I know it’s obvious, but it works.

No Good Deed: A Psychological Thriller (The Mark Taylor Series Book 1)
by M.P. McDonald
4.4 Stars (1,501 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Suspense | Thrillers | Mystery

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Seeing the future comes at a price. What price would you be willing to pay to save thousands of lives?

Mark Taylor knows his actions scream guilty — but he was only trying to stop the horrible terrorist attack. Instead of a thank you, the government labels him an enemy combatant and throws him in the brig with no rights, no trial, and no way to prove his innocence. He learns first hand that the CIA can do anything they want to him — anything at all.

Mark’s just a regular guy — a photographer — who finds himself in an extraordinary situation when an antique camera he buys at a dusty Afghanistan bazaar produces photographs of future tragedies. Tragedies he’s driven to prevent.

His frantic warnings about September 11th are ignored but put him in the government cross-hairs where he learns what being labeled an ‘enemy combatant’ really means…

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Mail Order Brides Anthology: Leah and Tess Novellas 1-2 (Montana Mail Order Brides Series)
by Rose Jenster
4.5 Stars (77 Reviews)
Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality | Westerns

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This clean, sweet romance anthology includes the novellas Mail Order Bride Leah and Mail Order Bride Tess, books 1 and 2 of the series. Enjoy each of their journeys in overcoming their challenging situations in New York. Note that each is a sweet stand-alone book, but they also are the first two books in the Montana Mail Order Brides Series.

Mail Order Bride Leah

Leah is a school teacher in Albany, New York during the 1880s who was devoted to her mother until she passed away. Her father lost his business and Leah did not want to spend the rest of her life living with her protective brother. She begins to correspond with a man from Montana who ran an ad for a mail order bride. Could she have found someone who also loves literature and shares so many of her interests?

How does Leah handle her brother’s negative reactions to the correspondence that now was the focus and light of her life? Can she leave the desperate situation in New York and find that joy that her heart dreams? Or is she destined to live a life without fulfillment?

Will Leah find happiness in Montana? What secrets does her love keep to himself that makes him so hard to reach and read? Can Leah help Henry open up his heart or will she give up? Can his scars heal from the past?

Book 2: Mail Order Bride Tess

Tess is a seamstress in upstate New York during the 1880s. She fears she will be working in the sweltering shop her whole life and never find true happiness by finding a man who loves her. A married friend shows her a newspaper that has ads for mail order husbands and Tess shyly studies it with guarded hope. Tess is quite bashful with a lot of fear, but also worries what her life would be like without a big change.

Will she find happiness out west or be stuck in the sweltering shop in New York? Why does Luke withdraw from her emotionally and can he let go of his past loss? Will Tess return home in defeat and be broken inside? Can their love blossom?

Note: Each of the books is a stand-alone clean romance without a cliffhanger. They are sweet westerns appropriate for all ages.

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Spider Silk: A Murder Mystery on the High Desert (Sheriff Bud Blair Oregon Mystery Series Book 1)
by Rod Collins
4.5 Stars (32 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Crime Fiction | Mystery

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A GLOBAL EBOOK AWARD NOMINEE, this is the first book in the Sheriff Bud Blair Oregon mystery series…
A suspicious death leads to an investigation, a manhunt, and the capture of the self-confessed killer. But when Sheriff Henry “Bud” Blair reads the autopsy report, he begins to suspect that someone other than his prisoner is the actual murderer.

Set in Oregon’s high desert country, Spider Silk introduces you to a compelling cast of characters and sets you on a fast-paced, page-turning adventure to find out who is behind a string of (seemingly) unrelated murders.

Moving from the backdrop story of a remote ranch and a lonely widower to the dark and pervasive reach of organized crime, Spider Silk is not only intriguing… it’s an entirely believable saga.

Surprising forensic evidence and sharp detective work keep your interest level high and the suspense palpable in this police procedural cliffhanger.

Spider Silk is also a love story.

Badly burned by divorce, Bud Blair steers shy of women. But his work makes it almost impossible to avoid contact with Nancy Sixkiller, the beautiful Yakima Indian woman who manages the Emergency Services Center in Lake County, Oregon.

That contact is intensified when Bud is injured and Nancy takes on the role of caregiver.

When you dive into this gripping western fiction tale, you’ll enter the sparsely settled, high desert landscape blessed with the hot springs, big lakes, and timbered mountains Collins knows and loves.

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The Soul Auction
by Amy Cross
4.2 Stars (82 Reviews)

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“I saw a woman on the beach. I watched her face a demon.”

Thirty years after her mother’s death, Alice Ashcroft is drawn back to the coastal English town of Curridge. Somebody in Curridge has been reviewing Alice’s novels online, and in those reviews there have been tantalizing hints at a hidden truth. A truth that seems to be linked to her dead mother.

“Thirty years ago, there was a soul auction.”

Once she reaches Curridge, Alice finds strange things happening all around her. Something attacks her car. A figure watches her on the beach at night. And when she tries to find the person who has been reviewing her books, she makes a horrific discovery.

What really happened to Alice’s mother thirty years ago? Who was she talking to, just moments before dropping dead on the beach? What caused a huge rockfall that nearly tore a nearby cliff-face in half? And what sinister presence is lurking in the grounds of the local church?

THE SOUL AUCTION is the story of a woman’s search to discover the truth about her mother’s death, and of an evil force that once came to visit a sleepy English town.

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Reflections on Life with my Master: A Dog’s Memoir on Life After Death (Jack McAfghan Book 1)
by Jack McAfghan, Kate McGahan
4.8 Stars (207 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Religion & Spirituality | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Are you missing a loved one? Does someone you know struggle with grief that never seems to end? This book was written for you.

From beyond Rainbow Bridge, Jack – a mixed breed Afghan Hound – shares the true story of his life on earth. While gently revealing the secrets to coping with life after loss, Jack will teach you what to expect during the grief process. As you follow his story, you will see how he guides his best friend Kate through the grief one step at a time, one story at a time, and by doing so he will also guide you. In fact, he will bring your best friend back to you for healing… because this story is your story too. If you allow Jack to lead you, you will find yourself growing in your faith as you journey through the chapters with tears and gentle smiles. It’s all By Design. While you think he’s just entertaining you with seemingly-simple stories, you will find that this precious book has been thoughtfully crafted to guide you into comfort and healing. As he shares the secrets to connecting with your loved ones beyond the grave, he proves that love never dies and he will break open your mind to the possibilities that exist in the afterlife.

Jack will reveal answers you may be asking yourself. Where do animals go when they die and how do they get there? IS there an afterlife for animals? Do pets go to “Heaven”? Do we go to the same place they do? What is the Rainbow Bridge? What is death? Do we really “die” at all? Join thousands of readers who have healed their hearts by the time they turn the final page! When you journey to the other side of grief with Jack, he will prove to you that there is life after death and that love never dies.

This honest, heartwarming and spiritual account will touch everyone who has ever loved. It matters not if they have four legs or two. Jack leads us to a higher love by extending himself to every creature of the earth, every human on the planet, every spirit in the universe — and most of all to the bona fide Master over Heaven and Earth.

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