If dogs can get hangovers, I am certain my chiweenie Junebug has one. Until I brought the food out she had refused to get out of bed. When she heard the food dish being filled she finally poured out of bed, slowly walked to her crate, plopped inside and with her head hung low, waited for food. She seriously has huge bags under her eyes and her ears are as droopy as they come. For most of they day Saturday we were not home, so we scheduled a little playdate for Junebug with her best friend Winnie the Poodle. Junebug is absolutely in love with Winnie, and they play wonderfully together. Even though Winnie easily has  twenty pounds on Junebug, she is always so gentle and never squishes her. Apparently they played pretty hard for four hours. I guess it’s a day of rest for my little princess.

Irreparable Harm (Sasha McCandless Legal Thriller Book 1)
by Melissa F. Miller
4.4 Stars (4,006 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery

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Skillful plotting, surprising twists, and a cracking pace keep readers turning the pages in this gripping legal thriller from a USA Today bestseller. Downloaded by more than one million readers!

Sasha McCandless has one goal: Make partner at the best firm in town. Then a plum assignment plunges her into a world of deceit and danger.

When a commercial flight crashes, killing everyone on board, she’s tapped to defend the airline. It’s her big chance… high-stakes litigation for an important client. But, as she digs into the evidence, people close to the case start dying.

She discovers the crash was intentional, caused by a smartphone app capable of overriding the cockpit controls. But she’s not sure who she can trust with the horrifying truth. She teams up with a federal air marshal, and they race to prevent another airline disaster.

Soon, Sasha finds herself with a brand-new life goal: Stop a madman before he kills her.

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Earthweeds (Sons of Neptune Book 1)
by Rod Little
4.7 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Fantasy

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For nine people, the end of the world is just the beginning…
Two students return from a mountain camping trip to find an empty city: Pittsburgh is desolate. Only a few living souls remain in the countryside… until the lizards appear. The size of komodo dragons, they flood the city and attack the few remaining people, while fighting each other for the remaining food supply… with the humans caught in the middle.

A teenage boy with electric powers, a college student who can communicate with animals, a scientist with a dark secret, and a band of psychopaths with their own agenda… all come together.

Defending each other from the evils of men and creatures alike, the last humans form separate camps in a race to unravel the mystery of the deserted cities, the swarming creatures, and the threat to humankind. While fighting off the giant monsters that sprang from nowhere, they search for clues that lead to strange devices and the possibility of involvement from other planets.

But mysteries remain surrounding the end of the world.

Sam, born with the ability to generate electric charges, teams up with a boy who can understand the language of birds and spiders, and together they set out to find the answers. Another camp led by a mad scientist is racing to find his own answers, but for a very different reason.
A post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure… blending together elements of monsters, survivalists, special abilities and the mysteries of ancient alien artifacts.

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Baker’s Bob (River’s End Ranch Book 16)
by Kirsten Osbourne, River’s End Ranch
4.9 Stars (91 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Miranda White loves her job as a baker at River’s End Ranch. She’s been there a year, and the only fly in the ointment is Bob, the chef for Kelsey’s Kafé, who picks a fight with her every single morning. December on the ranch doesn’t only bring skiers and snowmobilers, it also brings cookies. And at River’s End, cookies mean Miranda.
Bob Blakely is clueless about women, and he knows it. Teasing Miranda every morning about the amount of chocolate chips in her cookies seems to be the best way to get her attention. When Kelsi Clapper invites them both to dinner one night, Bob sees his chance to let her know how he feels. Will Miranda be able to see past his tormenting? Or will she choose to spend another Christmas alone?

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Stories to Read While Driving (Collected Shorts Book 1)
by Jim Heskett
4.7 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Humor & Entertainment | Satire | Humor & Satire

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Do you like some snark in your stories?

If the cabbage man doesn’t arrive soon, another meal will slip by and the king will still exude foul breath from his lips.
While the pastry chef and the royal food taster plot in the kitchen, the butcher keeps a close eye on their plans. And don’t forget the sausage-lipped prime minister… he’s got a secret buried in that mustache, no doubt about that.

Thus is the thrilling quagmire of regicide and culinary espionage of Kill the King. Read on for this darkly comic tale and eight others, if you dare…
You’ll find a mix of nine suspenseful action-packed short stories such as:

the tale of an assassin out to kill his target: a former high school rival.

Or quirky and funny yarns like:

the tale of three washed-up and mostly-useless superheroes trying to save the life of a choking man at a deli.

And tales of the absurd like this one right here:

the debut author whose great literary work becomes mangled by a reality TV-loving focus group.

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Yoga: Yoga for Beginners – Weight Loss, Stress Relief to Improve Your Health & Fitness(FREE Weight Loss Bonus Included)
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With Yoga: Yoga for Beginners – Weight Loss, Stress Relief to Improve Your Health & Fitness, you can ultimately learn all about relaxation, stretch your entire body, and lose weight through yoga!

When you download Yoga: Yoga for Beginners – Weight Loss, Stress Relief to Improve Your Health & Fitness, you’ll discover essential, practical exercises:

• The Yoga Breathing Technique

• Inhaling and Exhaling

• Limbering Up Your Feet, Legs, Arms and Hands

• Limbering Up Your Head, Neck and Shoulders

• Elbow Touching Warmup

• Waistline Warmup

This book teaches you The Significance and Practice of the Sun Salutation, Yoga Weight Loss Exercises, a Lying Down Exercise for Your Tummy, and even a Fat Burning Yoga Exercise for Beginners

Yoga: Yoga for Beginners – Weight Loss, Stress Relief to Improve Your Health & Fitness encourages you to take a leap of faith into the world of yoga. Life can suddenly start to make more sense; you can also feel healthier, less stressed, and look the way you’ve always wanted!

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