Author Ciana Stone has created another amazing series that will transport you to the small town of Cotton Creek, Texas. This novel is filled with mystery, suspense, action, and definitely hot and sexy characters with some major chemistry. Ciana is one talented author whose writing draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is coming next. Enjoy!

Deacon Johns (Heartbreakers & Heroes Book 4)
by Ciana Stone
4.8 Stars (82 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

He’s a natural born leader and as Commander of a Seal team, spent most of his adult life doing just that. Now he’s training men to become fighting machines — still in command. At least of the men in his charge. When it come to his love life, he is about to find himself spinning out of control, and he’s not quite sure what to do about it. It’s rare he meets a woman he wants more than a night or two of pleasure with. Rarer still to find one that intrigues him. To meet a woman who surpasses those expectations is unexpected, exciting. And something he can’t let himself indulge in. He won’t let himself become involved.

She has other ideas.

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