I want to imagine that the elves I saw out of the corner of my eye in the garden today are good elves, and are just playing games with me. They are sweet sweet elves that just want to play among the flowers and dance in the sprinkler on a hot summer afternoon. They are not rats. They are not rats.

Devil’s Due (Luther Cross Book 1)
by Percival Constantine
4.5 Stars (125 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Literature & Fiction | Action & Adventure

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Half-human. Half-demon. All attitude.

Luther Cross here. Dangerously handsome, effortlessly stylish half-demon, at your service. As I have inherited certain… abilities with my odd genetics, I’ve put them to use as Chicago’s foremost paranormal investigator.

My current case? Well, I have to admit, it feels a little personal. I’m helping a mysterious girl who’s turned up on my doorstep, pregnant through mystic means. I can’t help but think of my own mother… and if I don’t help her, she’ll face the same fate.

Turns out, someone is trying to create an army of half-demons. While it might be a pleasant change to hang out with my own kind, I know most half-demons don’t have my sense of morality. If I don’t stop this evil plan, the armistice between Heaven and Hell will be broken and all of the Earth will pay… It will be the beginning of the end.

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He Loves me Not: Bunch-A-Blooms Series Romantic Comedy (Buncha Blooms Book 1)
by Shyla Colt, There For you Editing, Dreams2 Media
4.6 Stars (43 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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When best friend’s Petunia and Mason find themselves in a bind, marriage seems like the perfect solution. There’s a list they need to follow to make the contract marriage believable.

Step 1: Pitch the deal &Tell the Folks
Step 2: Be seen out and about together
Step 3: Date, Date & Date some more
Step 4: Your Place or Mine? ( Move in together)
Step 5: The Proposal
Step Six: Fulfill the contract
Warning: Do not Fall in love
They broke the number one rule, don’t fall in love. Now hearts may soon follow.

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The Needle House: A gripping DS Lasser crime thriller. (The DS Lasser Series Book 1)
by Robin Roughley
4.4 Stars (34 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Action & Adventure

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Sometimes the most picturesque of places can hide the cruellest killer.
Young Billy Jones comes from a notorious family of drunks and thieves. So, when he fails to return home it’s hardly a surprise.
However, when mutilated remains are found it becomes apparent that a savage executioner is stalking the untamed windswept moorland that surround this northern town.
The clues lead DS Lasser directly to the poverty-stricken Radfield family who once owned great swathes of local land.
When another body is discovered, Lasser’s convictions are thrown into turmoil. Someone is playing a vicious game, someone with a burning hatred for the Radfield family.
The body count rises and Lasser finds himself enmeshed in a tangled web of deceit as he tries to unravel the dark, twisted secrets that bind two families. Secrets stretching back over four decades, blackmail and murder reaching out to ensnare the innocent as well as the guilty.

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Winds of Deception (Enigma Series Book 2)
by Tierney James
4.2 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction | Suspense

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Tessa Scott believes her encounter with Ex-Delta Force Captain Chase Hunter, a year earlier, can finally remain in the past. After she arrives in Washington DC, Enigma enlists her help when they uncover a plot to assassinate both President Austin and the Prime Minister of Israel. To complicate an already volatile situation a hurricane moves toward the nation’s capital creating the perfect opportunity to stage an attack.

Lines of loyalty begin to blur as Tessa confronts life and death events that could change the course of the United States. Complications arise when Tessa is faced with the knowledge her uncle plans to take revenge for Israel’s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty and its lost crew members. No one knows that a powerful member of the government is behind the conspiracy, and Tessa and Captain Hunter join forces to halt the violence against the most powerful men in the world. She must ultimately choose between her love of country or exposing the truth against Israel.

The growing attraction between Tessa and Captain Hunter creates an emotional storm, adding even more dangerous consequences to The Winds of Deception.

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Perennial Gardening: Easy To Follow Guide: Plant Once And Enjoy Your Plants, Flowers, Shrubbery and Vegetables Forever 
by Susan Hollister
4.1 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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Enhance Your Home and Yard With Beautiful Perennial Plants and Flowers That Come Back Year After Year!

Whether you want to (1) have beautiful plants that are easy to maintain, (2) grow delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers, or (3) create your own plant paradise inside and outside of your home, this book will teach you everything you need to know.

*** Recently updated with beautiful full color images for every plant and flower! ***

Is your yard dull and nondescript? Wish you could grow something great in those shady areas?

Perennials can open up a world of possibilities. From soil-hugging ground cover, to lofty swaying grasses, you are sure to find the right plant to meet your needs for landscape management, dramatic color, and privacy. Regardless of your climate or the makeup of your soil, you will find perennials that will grow in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Perennials are a great investment in your future.

These long-lived plants are almost ridiculously easy to grow! Follow plant-specific instructions that include choosing the best site, preparing the soil, proper planting depth and spacing, optimal feeding, pruning, and training, as well as long-term maintenance. With an hour or two of work plus minimal follow-up care, you can create a landscape you can enjoy for many years to come.

No need to copy the neighbors, plant something unique.

Express yourself by adopting plants that accurately reflect your personality. Imagine stepping outside in the morning and being greeted by your favorite colors, smiling up at you from amidst richly textured foliage. Now that’s the way to start your day!

What Will You Learn About Perennial Gardening?

• How to plant perennials easily and effortlessly – even if you’ve never planted anything before!

• How to properly care for your plants, before, during, and after each growing season.

• How to prepare your soil so that your plants will flourish.

• How to beat stress and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit by establishing your own therapeutic garden.

• How to easily plan the layout of your perennial displays.

You Will Also Discover:

• How to create a garden that appeals to each of your five senses.

• How to avoid common perennial gardening pitfalls.

• How to bring your perennials indoors for year-round enjoyment.

• Detailed growing and caring instructions for each type of perennial.

Create your own low-maintenance plant paradise: Get this book now!

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