Sinny’s pain meds are really making him crazy. He will not stop hugging me. If I stop moving for just once second he grabs hold of me and meows. The catnip only distracts him for a few minutes before he is right back to loving on me. The vet called to check on him and she confirmed that the medicine will make him a little crazy and extra EXTRA loving. They still haven’t heard back on the tests results yet, and I’m a bit worried. I am out of the pain meds. What on Earth is he going to be like coming off of them? He is all sweet and sugary now, but I can see this getting ugly pretty quick.

Fatal Decision
by John Greenwood
4.1 Stars (351 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Mystery

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After his twelve year old son is kidnapped, Sheldon Smith receives a mysterious call that to get him back he must murder an innocent man. Unable to inform the police or even his wife, Sheldon must fight this battle alone and find the kidnapper before it’s too late. Will he be able to find his son’s taker in time or will he have to make the ultimate decision of taking one life to save another.

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Cruising for Love: A second chance romance (The Escape Series Book 2)
by Ann Omasta
4.5 Stars (63 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Humor & Satire | Romance

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A reality TV show looking for ratings.
Kim Kardashian wannabes on a cruise ship.
What could possibly go wrong?

Get swept away with Ruthie Rose as she searches for true love on the reality show, Cruising for Love!

It is a dream come true for effervescent Ruthie when she is selected to star on a hot new reality television show.

Without bothering to read the pesky contract, Ruthie signs on the dotted line and sets sail on her high-seas adventure.

Join Ruthie as she navigates the many twists, turns, and crushing tidal waves of drama the producers have in store for her on the not-so-real, reality show, Cruising for Love.

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Embers of Resistance: A Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy (The Awakened Book 2)
by LJ Andrews
5.0 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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She had hope. He had hatred. Together they might change everything.

Adira is a traitor.

As a prisoner of the shadow assassins she did something unthinkable. She has a choice: run or become the leader the Uprising needs. Either way, she probably won’t survive.

Dominus Kage will never be the same.

He shouldn’t have told Adira his real name. Now, everything he created with the shadow assassins is unraveling.

But something about Adira keeps dragging him back into the fight.

Will a reluctant heroine make an unlikely hero out of a villain?

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Wanted: Dead or Alive
by Faye Byrd
4.7 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction | Westerns

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At seventeen, Nathan King’s livin’ a hard but proud life with his ma and pa on the family farm. One fateful day, it all comes crumblin’ down, and he’s only got two paths in front of him.

Right and wrong.

The six-year journey that follows makes him infamous, but it’s a shoot-out with the local bounty hunter that leaves him injured and on the run. Tired and bleeding, he takes cover in an old barn, but what he doesn’t expect is to wake with a double barrel nestled under his chin.

“How’d ya get thatwound, Nathan?” she asks, brow raised.

“Ran into some trouble ’bout a day’s ride from here,” I respond truthfully.”But don’t worry, the other guy didn’t make it.” I smirk. She may not need a know all my business, but I don’t want her thinking I can’t be dangerous.

Josie Hess is a self-imposed widow with a history of her own. She lives a quiet life on the outskirts of town and mostly keeps to herself. But if you cross her, there’s surely hell to pay.

Will Nathan see beneath her tough exterior, or will he become just another casualty?

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50 Delicious Pumpkin Dessert Recipes
by Pamela Kazmierczak
4.5 Stars (54 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Welcome to the First volume of The Ultimate Pumpkin Desserts Cookbook – The Delicious Pumpkin Desserts and Pumpkin Recipes Collection!!

Are you looking for Recipes for The Perfect Pumpkin Dessert? This cookbook has recipes for pumpkin pies, pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars, pumpkin scones, pumpkin biscotti, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake and other pumpkin recipes!

This cookbook has a little bit of everything when it comes to pumpkin desserts!

Enjoy the delicious taste of pumpkin in a variety of desserts today!

The type of recipes you will find inside 50 Delicious Pumpkin Dessert Recipes – Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Muffins and More – are a variety of different pumpkin desserts to enjoy for holidays, parties as well as anytime!

What Type of pumpkin dessert recipes are in this book?

Some Examples of the recipes include:

Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake
Mini Pumpkin Pies
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie
Black and White Pumpkin Cookies
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars
Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies
Chocolate Pumpkin Scones
Pumpkin Cocoa Biscotti
Pumpkin Gingerbread Scones
Pumpkin Hazelnut Biscotti
Cinnamon Apple Pumpkin Bread
Cinnamon Pumpkin Rolls
Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins
Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins
Pumpkin Cornbread
Pumpkin Gingerbread
Pumpkin Monkey Bread with Cream Cheese Glaze
Glazed Pumpkin Pound Cake
Pumpkin Chai Coffee Cake
Turtle Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake
Apple Pumpkin Brown Betty
Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts
Creamy Pumpkin Trifle
Pumpkin Cannoli
Pumpkin Caramel-Pecan Cheesecake Bites
Pumpkin Fritters
Pumpkin Fudge
Pumpkin Pie Truffles
Pumpkin Spiced Brownies

& Many More…

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