Follow Melody Note and her friends in the Friday Friends Dinner Club as they unexpectedly get caught in thefts, murders and all sorts of other trouble! Melody discovers she loves solving mysteries as much as baking. The Friday Friends Dinner Club romantic mysteries are light hearted, fast paced adventures filled with humor, good food and happy endings!

Christmas Crisis: a Friday Friends Dinner Club Mystery book 1
by Poppy M. Haas
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Holidays | Mystery

Everything is falling apart in Melody Note’s world.

An egomaniacal surgeon is making her day job as the charge nurse a nightmare.

The handsome marketing consultant is giving her a case of clumsiness every time he comes by the nursing unit.

Gwendolyn, the 93 year old neighbor asks Melody to solve an odd theft of vintage cookbooks. Melody begins to investigate and then a murder occurs. Soon the crisis forces Melody up against a wall, leaving her to grapple with questions of what really matters when life falls apart.

Baking a batch of cookies can solve most any problem, especially at Christmas time. That’s the mantra Melody Note has followed for years along with her three friends in the Friday Friends Dinner Club. Now her theory is falling apart, along with her holiday plans and everything else.

Can baking cookies truly solve problems? What really matters during the holidays? Who would steal cookbooks? And why does Brandon continue to show up nearly everywhere Melody does?

Can the Friday Friends Dinner Club give Melody the advice and support she needs to make it through the season, solve the mystery of the missing cookbooks and discover the murderer? Will Melody be able to solve her personal crisis and figure out what Brandon’s intentions towards her are?

Despite her own doubts and quirky characteristics, Melody dives in to the season, as one hysterical calamity after another ensues. Join Melody and her friends as they bake and blunder their way through the season’s mysteries.

Previously titled ‘A Christmas Crisis.’

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Wedding Disaster (Friday Friends Dinner Mystery Book 2)
by Poppy M. Haas
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Melody’s hands are full. And it’s not just the brownie recipes for her upcoming cookbook that are keeping her busy. After being fired by the noxious Dr. Worster, Melody is working as a per diem nurse through a temp agency, hunting for a new apartment, figuring out her relationship with handsome but quirky Brandon and launching her side career as a blogger and cookbook author.

But nothing is going as planned.

As Melody tries to get everything under control, Kristi, one of her women in the Friday Friends Dinner Club, calls Melody, begging her for help. The vintage wedding dress Kristi found for her wedding day has been stolen. What was thought to be a pretty dress modeled after a 1920s style turns out to be an item multiple people in the sleepy town of Stonybrooke will kill to get.

As she investigates the fashion theft with the help of Kristi and Savannah, Melody makes a discovery about the dress that leaves everyone’s mouths hanging open. As Melody gets closer to revealing the thief, she discovers the violent actions people will take for fashion obsessions.

Can Melody help Kristi find the stolen vintage wedding dress before her upcoming wedding day? Can she maintain her own professional and love life with the chaos going on around her?

Life is moving fast, and nothing is going how Melody envisioned it. Melody tracks down the fashion thief around the more peculiar corners of Stonybrooke and discovers the best way to tackle life’s mysteries is with determined focus, a community of friends, and a lot of brownies.

Formerly titled, A Wedding Dress Disaster.

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Stolen Gems: a Friday Friends Dinner Club Mystery book 3
by Poppy M. Haas
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery | Women’s Fiction

In the third book of the Chocolate Croissant Club, Melody leaves her hometown of Stonybrooke to indulge in three days of creating, cooking and learning how to take her fledgling business to the next level at the Create Conference. The cherry on top of the event: acceptance into the Pitch It Session, a prestigious panel awarding three women with book deals and television specials features.

Odd things start to happen as soon as baking blogger and amateur detective Melody Note steps up the stairs to attend the Create Conference.

Luggage goes missing, a theft occurs and a mysterious masked intruder interrupts a festive evening. The mood of the conference takes a dark turn as the featured display of the conference: twelve one-of-a-kind necklaces, worth $25,000 each- are stolen and the founder comes under suspicion.

Founder of the event, Madge Poppins, has spent her life training and empowering artisanal, entrepreneurial women to thrive and succeed. The Create Conference has gone strong for twenty years. This is the final year and Madge is finishing her conference with a flourish. At least she was… until the necklaces are stolen out from under her nose (almost literally).
Soon Melody is on the trail of a thief while trying to learn how to master baking a soufflé and impress a panel of intimidating judges.

Then former flame, Brandon, shows up throwing Melody’s cool demeanor off course. Does he really think their relationship can survive after their rocky last few months?

Will Melody find out who stole the jewelry before the conference is over? It’s a lot to handle, but Melody is ready to take it on and whip out a delectable new blog post in the process.

Formerly titled ‘Conference Catastrophe.’

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Gull Island Calamity (a Friday Friends Dinner Club mystery Book 4)
by Poppy M. Haas
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery | Women’s Fiction

The sharks are out in full force, but it’s the people who are causing more blood in the water in the beach town of Bayview.

Melody is ready for a beach vacation, unaware of the danger ahead of her. She’s on her way to stay in her employer’s beach home for a long weekend in the charming seaside town of Bayview.

No guys. No drama. No work deadlines.

Sailboat rides to Gull Island. Reading on the beach. Late, long dinners around the fire pit. Sounds like bliss.

But the mysteries start as soon as Melody pulls into the drive way of Sandy Shores Lane. First, she makes a discovery on the beach that sets the weekend on edge. Then she finds out an ominous cloud hangs over Bayview as a serial killer appears to be picking off influential women one by one.

Olivia, the inquisitive reporter from the East Coast, discovers Melody’s sleuthing abilities and persuades Melody to help her solve the case… before someone else gets hurt.

Finding out who the murderer is (and their motive) takes Melody all over the small coastal town, meeting several residents including Seaside Sam, the cranky but helpful seaman, Scotty, the attractive Italian restaurant owner and surfer who takes a liking to Melody plus a gaggle of real estate agents who are up to a lot more than selling beachside real estate.

Even though it isn’t the calm, relaxing beach trip Melody planned for, she’s in her element, tracking down criminals and figuring out the motive for the lethal crimes. Jillian and Savannah come down to visit and soon the Friday Friends Dinner Club are back together in full force, solving mysteries as they cook, eat and chase criminals together.

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Autumn Adventure (a Friday Friends Dinner Club mystery Book 5)
by Poppy M. Haas
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A fire.

A fatal car accident.

A picturesque weekend-getaway town threatened.

Melody’s first autumn trip to Apple Haven goes from serene to disturbing as she witnesses a fatal car accident and unexpected fire. An arsonist is running rampant, lighting the fires of multiple properties of Apple Haven and no one seems to know who it is or why they are doing it.

Irma Callahan, the manager at Tree Top Orchards hears of Melody’s sleuthing and calls her for help, shoving several threatening letters addressed to Eric Beaumont, the handsome, but brooding boss, into Melody’s hands.

Trying to find out who is behind the attacks on Apple Haven is no small task. The residents are as quiet as the town they live in. Eric Beaumont refuses to ask the police for help and he pushes Melody away every time she approaches him. Genevieve Leporp, the survivor of the car crash lies to the police and isolates herself from nearly everyone. Even Irma, the manager who first reached out to Melody, begins to withdraw in her support and help.

Threatening letters begin to come Melody’s way as she searches out the attackers on Apple Haven. Instead of fighting to beat the deadline for her next cookbook, she’s fighting a mysterious arsonist and the threat of ruin looming over the town.
Melody Note once again jumps in to solve the mystery, but not without the help of her Friday Night Dinner Club friends and the very attractive -and attentive- Detective MacKenzie.

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