Ray Frohnhoefer is a passionate program management consultant, speaker, and educator with over forty years of experience managing software and technology projects, programs, and portfolios in multiple industries, including financial services and education. Ray is also an instructor and faculty mentor at several Southern California learning institutions including California Southern University and UC San Diego Extension. His personal mission is to help individuals and organizations improve their practice of project and program management and many of his educational programs and consulting engagements focus on accidental and new project managers. Ray’s project management strengths include planning, development of innovative methodologies, conflict resolution, continuous improvement, and software implementation management.

Risk Assessment Framework
by Ray Frohnhoefer
Genre: Business & Money

This guide provides a complete framework that can be used to establish a robust and repeatable risk management methodology at any stage of a project (preferably starting during planning). The accompanying workbook provides forms, tools, and templates to support the framework. It is up to the Project Manager to review, select, and tailor the framework to be appropriate to the project circumstances while also maintaining an appropriate level of control.

Risk and opportunity management should be seamlessly integrated with Project Management and not treated as a separate undertaking or something to invoke in the time of a crisis. Risk management needs to be a proactive undertaking. Risk management should be utilized on all projects to communicate awareness of risk and opportunity situations to all stakeholders (e.g. project sponsor, team members, management, customers, partners, and contractors). It is also an ongoing process that needs to be subjected to periodic review and revision.

Risk and opportunity management does not need to be associated with high overhead. Most small to medium enterprises and up to moderately complex projects can complete a Risk Assessment Workshop (RAW) in under a day. The entire process of an initial risk assessment can generally be completed in a week or less of effort. Saving the results from project-to-project can also reduce time if you have similar projects that share similar risks.

The framework is applicable to all phases of the project life cycle – from project charter to final closeout and implementation within an enterprise. While applicable in the broader sense, the focus is on the planning phase. Although it does not specifically focus on managing those risks which may be the responsibility of a customer, partner, or subcontractor to manage via their own discrete risk management mechanisms, there is no reason why these procedures cannot address the control of ALL elements of risk and opportunities associated with any given project.

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Accidental Project Manager
by Ray Frohnhoefer, Jorge Garciatorres
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Business & Money

When a manager is pressed to find a project manager for an important client, he looks to Rhett Sero, our to-be hero. He introduces Rhett to Heda Heldenmacher, a noted project management consultant. Heda introduces Rhett to the PROJECT methodology and spends seven days with him to prepare.

Designed to increase success, this book is for accidental and new project managers, beginning project management learners, and those exploring project management careers or looking for a refresher. Told in the form of a business fable, concepts are put in everyday terms and stories make it more memorable.

Everything you need to get started in an easy-to-read book. Each chapter includes a project management tip, reading selections from the PMBOK® Guide, and additional learning resources. A set of more than a dozen ready-to-use templates is available online.

This is the story of the invaluable lessons Rhett learns transforming from Sero to Hero!

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Risk Assessment Framework Implementation Guide
by Ray Frohnhoefer
2.7 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Business & Money

A companion to the Risk Assessment Framework, the Risk Assessment Framework Implementation Guide walks you through a step-by-step plan to implement the framework and conduct a Risk Assessment Workshop.

Topics covered include how to tailor the framework for your organization and tools, techniques, and tips for a smooth implementation. Purchasers of the book have access to electronic copies of tools presented in the implementation guide, including:
– A RAID (Risk, Action, Issue, and Decision) Log
– Agenda and output report for the Risk Assessment Workshop
– A Risk Assessment Matrix and summary of project risks and opportunities.
– Presentation templates to explain the process to your team

This book is indispensible for an implemenation of the framework.

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