If romance is what you are looking for these clean, sweet, and wholesome Christian inspirational romances from a USA Today bestselling author Autumn Macarthur, is sure to make you swoon. No need to read the series in order, as every story is a complete romance featuring a different couple. Enjoy

The Wedding List: A sweet and clean Christian romance set in London (Love In Store Book 1)
by Autumn Macarthur
4.2 Stars (297 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Romance | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

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Welcome to Pettett & Mayfield, a once-grand central London department store now fallen on harder times, despite the eccentric owner’s schemes to attract customers. But from the basement kitchenware department through to the top floor management offices, love and faith can still find a home.

You never forget your first love…

With her eye for design and her cut-glass accent, no-one would guess Beth Forrest’s impoverished background. It’s all throw pillows, china patterns, and upper class brides as she manages the Wedding Registry at Pettett & Mayfield, the stately maiden aunt of London department stores. So it’s not quite her dream job? Each bride she helps to select beautiful and oh-so-expensive items for their gift list brings her one step closer to buying a little home of her own, and financing the education she longs for.

When physics professor James Tetherton-Hart, brilliant in his research lab but awkward and disorganised in everyday life, comes to the store in desperate need of both a gift and a partner for a wedding that evening and recognises her, all her careful plans and meticulous checklists are turned upside down.

Now her first love is back, determined to make her his partner for life, not just the evening. But unless Beth can let go of the mistaken beliefs that separated them in the past, and appreciate the depth and breadth of God’s love for us all, her only gift from the wedding will be another heartbreak.

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London Loves: Four sweet and clean inspiring Christian romances from the Love in Store series
by Autumn Macarthur
4.8 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Romance

Fall in love with these uplifting and inspirational romances set in London, Paris, and Edinburgh!

Books 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 in the Love in Store series of sweet and clean Christian romances celebrating love and faith, together for the first time in this collection! Each story follows a different couple connected to a grand old London department store through the trials and joys of falling in love, to their commitment to a happy-ever-after. Book 1 in the series, The Wedding List is available as a solo ebook, but there’s no need to read it first, as each story is a complete romance.

Love in Store Book 2: Believe in Me
When Nick Gallagher, the Hollywood actor playing the store’s celebrity Santa challenges Ms Scrooge accountant Cara to a Christmas dare, can she overcome her painful past and rediscover love, joy and faith? A heartwarming reminder of the importance of believing in God’s promises, along with a lot of London Christmas sightseeing!

Love in Store Book 2.5: Least Expected
Maggie Golding, unconventional and artistic 50-something designer for the Christmas store windows at Pettett & Mayfields, never expected to fall in love with Edgar Pettett, staid and sensible heir to the business.
Between her shaky faith, their huge differences, and his mother’s disapproval, how will they possibly work things out?

Love in Store Book 3: A Model Bride
Christmas in London, New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh, where next? Nothing in her Europe trip goes as Tiffany Gallagher planned, but when she meets wounded Scottish photo-journalist Mac while volunteering at a homeless shelter, she discovers God’s purpose for her life is far more than she imagined!

Love in Store Book 4: Forget Paris
When anti-romance researcher Zoe Gallagher meets Gabe Ross in Paris on Valentine’s Day, even she finds it hard to resist the most romantic city in the world on the most romantic day of the year. Zoe tells herself their one wonderful day together proves nothing. But on her return to London, she discovers she needs Gabe’s help to learn the biggest lesson of all, that love does last. Especially God’s love…

Books 1, 4.5, and 5 are available separately. The same settings and supporting characters appear in many of the stories, but there’s no need to read them in order. Each story in the series is a complete romance showing a different couple find lasting love and deeper faith.

Uplifting emotional romance.
Flawed characters,
a God who never gives up on us,
a love that lasts!

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Invitation to the Ball: A sweet and clean Christian romance set in London, book 4.5 of the Love in Store series
by Autumn Macarthur
4.3 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

This Cinderella invited to the ball gets help from a surprising source. But will she win her Prince Charming?

When store manager David Warwick, her secret crush, unexpectedly invites shy florist Ellie Ashton to represent the store at a glittering London ball, she needs a complete overhaul to look the part. She’s normally more the ugly stepsister than princess material. No make-up, hair that was last styled for her high school prom, and not a single dress in her wardrobe, let alone a ballgown.

Attending the ball with the confidence the makeover gives her is a dream come true. But will she win the love of her Prince Charming, or let doubt and fear send her running away at midnight instead?

Book 4.5 in the Love in Store series, set in or around a stately London department store. No need to read the series in order, as every story is a complete romance featuring a different couple. Clean, sweet, and wholesome Christian inspirational romance from a USA Today bestselling author!

Uses British spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Complete with British English Glossary. Shorter novella length. Also available free of charge as a welcome gift to my newsletter subscribers.


Uplifting emotional romances by Autumn Macarthur

Flawed characters, a God who never gives up on us, a love that lasts!

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Teapots & Tiaras: A sweet and clean Christian romance in London and Cambridge (Love In Store Book 5)
by Autumn Macarthur
4.9 Stars (40 Reviews)
Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality

Between his pride and her prejudice, there could hardly be a less likely couple.

When their best friends’ summer wedding in London pushes proud judgmental medical missionary Matthew Coalbrooke and bubbly shoe-aholic kitchenware saleswoman Anita Kiernan together, it’s dislike at first sight. The only thing they can both agree on is that the bride and groom’s matchmaking attempts are bound to fail.

Neither are looking for love. He’s determined to return to his African mission hospital as soon as he can, where her glamorous presence would be nothing but a nuisance. She’s determined to care for her niece while her sister is ill, and besides, she has a shoe collection to maintain. An obnoxious and arrogant doctor is the last man she needs.

But by the end of the summer, they’ll both discover God has a bigger plan for them than they can possibly imagine!

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