Miz Scarlet and the Vanishing Visitor by Sara Barton is the second book in the popular cozy mystery series that is laced with humor and romance. Purely addictive, readers just can’t help loving all of the characters. The stories are edge of your seat all the way to the end. Enjoy!

Miz Scarlet and the Vanishing Visitor (A Scarlet Wilson Mystery Book 2)
by Sara Barton
4.2 Stars (82 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery | Foreign Languages | Romance

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A pleasant night in Bay Head, New Jersey turns dangerous as Scarlet Wilson heads for home after a delightful weekend at the beach with boyfriend Kenny “Captain Peacock” Tolliver. A terrified teenager, chased by a homicidal maniac, clings to her car. What do you do when a determined killer comes at the girl attached to your windshield, knife in hand? If you’re “Miz Scarlet”, you get creative and put the pedal to the metal, even as the cars pile up in your wake.

Jenny Mulroney, cancer orphan, has no one to turn to and nowhere to go, until Miz Scarlet takes her home to the Four Acorns Inn. While security expert Kenny delves into Jenny’s secret past, the teenager begins to find her way again. But Jenny’s been dishonest about the events that triggered the brutal attack by a crazed killer. When a King Charles Cavalier spaniel goes missing and uncut diamonds stolen in a heist turn up encased in lavender glycerin soap, everyone at the Four Acorns Inn is in peril. But have no fear — with the help of the elderly “Googins girls”, brother Bur, and Laurencia “Larry” Rivera, the foxy homicide investigator, the intrepid amateur sleuth and Kenny are hot on the trail.

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