For a brief moment I was the happiest gardener on the block. Sunday morning I sat back on the couch, ready to enjoy my coffee and wake up a bit before I started my day. I was searching On Demand for any new Monty Don shows that might be out there, but I wasn’t too hopeful since I thought I had already watched all of my favorite British gardener’s shows already. OH BUT I WAS WRONG! There were a few new series that he had done that I missed! JOY OH JOY!!! I quickly hit play and settled back in the couch, under my blanket snug as a bug in a rug. I was prepared to be lazy for as long as it took to watched all of his new shows. I worked hard all week and I deserved to relax on a Sunday. The show began, but the narrator didn’t seem to be talking about gardening… and where was Monty Don? I was confused… did the narrator just say something about sex? OH MY GOLLY!!!! THIS IS NOT A GARDENING SHOW!!! There was dirt, but not the right kind. There are children in the house!! Dear me. The cable company put the wrong show under Monty Don. Mind you it was just a documentary on the population of India, but still…not gardening.  I chugged my coffee, got dressed, and went to work in the garden. Just no.

PI On A Hot Tin Roof : A New Orleans Cozy Mystery; Talba Wallis #4 (The Talba Wallis PI Series)
by Julie Smith
4.3 Stars (312 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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So thinks PI Talba Wallis, on her way to Parish Prison — and indeed something’s badly amiss.

New Orleans’ most dynamic detective duo, poet/computer genius Talba and street-savvy Luddite Eddie Valentino, have a personal interest in this one — Eddie’s lawyer daughter Angie’s been set up for a drug bust.

Prominent Judge Buddy Champagne’s the obvious perp and Talba’s so mad she embeds herself in his house as a spy — but she doesn’t count on ending up with a family straight out of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; nor did she realize how involved she was going to get — especially with Buddy’s 14-year-old daughter Lucy.

It works, though, She uncovers plenty of evidence the judge is dirty. And then things get ugly: Somebody kills Buddy and Talba’s true identity comes to light. The Champagnes hate her at this point, but guess what? They hire her to solve the case.

There are plenty of mysterious twists and turns on the way to an ending guaranteed to surprise — but the real joy here is in the relationships, especially Talba’s with Lucy, who, it turns out, is a budding poet. And with another little girl, her boy friend’s bratty daughter Raisa. She’s SO not prepared for quasi-motherhood!

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Searching for Glory (A Second Chance Love Story Book 1)
by Hunter J. Keane
4.3 Stars (161 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

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Gloria Star is rich and famous. She’s on a hit television show and engaged to one of the most desired men in Hollywood. Her life is perfect. But then she gets a letter in the mail that changes everything. The past she has been trying to forget for so long has finally come back to haunt her.

Gloria Star hasn’t always been an A-list celebrity. She used to be just a regular Midwestern girl named Glory Stark. Now she is forced to reconcile her two lives because Johnny Carter, the only man she ever loved, has asked her to return to her hometown, and she can’t say no. Ten years ago, one night changed everything for Gloria and Johnny. Not only did Gloria lose Johnny, but she also lost herself.

Now she’s headed back to her home town in Missouri, to reconnect with her sister and make amends with Johnny. She quickly realizes that returning to Glory Stark’s life isn’t going to be easy. As she faces painful truths about her past and an uncertain future, Gloria learns that forgiveness is essential, family is everything and love is forever.

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Living in a Greek Movie: Restart Your Life, Improve Self Esteem & Increase Personal Happiness
by Shlomo Bourla
4.8 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Self-Help | Business & Money

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You can be happy, even when it’s hard to see the light.

Do you ever feel that life just isn’t going your way?

And that the daily grind takes you down to the abyss?

Even if it does, it’s possible for you to change your life.

You can get up in the morning with a positive attitude. You can see the light when all seems dark, and especially, you can focus on the good things in your life.

Shlomo Bourla has been through just about everything – divorce, failure, depression, heartbreak and bankruptcy, but he overcame them all to stand on his own two feet. It was precisely those experiences, that are described in this book that made him who he is, and it is thanks to them that he has been able to grow and completely change his fate.

Bourla invites you to light your inner light together with him, to realize that your inner fire burns within you. It’s time for a restart on your journey so you can begin to live life the way you have always dreamed.

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Feared By Hell: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Book 1)
by Michael Anderle
4.6 Stars (201 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Teen & Young Adult | Horror | Fantasy

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You never mess with a young girl around James Brownstone.

It doesn’t matter what crime syndicate you belong to, that just doesn’t sit well with him.

The world has changed since the news of Oriceran came out twenty years before. Now, countries all over the world have agreed to using a bounty system for dangerous criminals using advanced magic or advanced technology.

People too powerful for the cops to deal with.

Magical criminals, thugs and bounty hunters, in the future we revert to what worked in the past.

if you find out you are hunted by Brownstone, we suggest you turn yourself in.

It will save you a monumental ass-kicking.

Brownstone likes his life simple, but Life is about to throw him a wicked curveball.

And how thoroughly Shay mystifies Brownstone.

NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, I don’t suggest reading this book.

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An Embarrassment of Riches (Derry Women Series Book 1)
by Gerald Hansen
3.8 Stars (184 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Humor & Satire

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When Ursula Barnett and her husband Jed win the Irish lottery, they think their troubles are over. But they are just beginning. Ursula coerces her Yank husband to retire in her hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland, hoping to atone for her youthful sins as a collaborator with the IRA in the 1970s. At the first sniff of Ursula s lotto win, however, her chronically greedy sister-in-law Fionnuala Flood rallies the family against Ursula.

Fionnuala’s life is a misery. She is married to a boozing fish-packing plant worker and raising seven seedy hooligans, from a convict son to an eight-year-old devil-daughter who will resort to desperate measures to secure the perfect Holy Communion gown. Between two part-time jobs, Fionnuala still finds the energy to put into motion plans which pit husbands against wives, daughters against mothers, the lawless against the law and Fionnuala against anyone fool enough to cross her path.

Family saga and black comedy, love story and courtroom drama, An Embarrassment of Riches will take you on a journey to Northern Ireland and beyond, where Protestants and Catholics wage battle daily, and where crossing family with finance leads to passion and tragedy, heartache and hilarity.

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