Marcella Denise Spencer grew up in San Francisco reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books over and over again. Naturally, she writes historical fiction. Her favorite stories are those that bring African history in the Bible to life. An administrative assistant by day, Spencer is the author of “The Horus
Women,” “And the Sons of Ham,” “The Horus Scrolls,” and “Napata Rising.” Enjoy!

The Inheritor (The Legacy Series Book 5)
by Marcella Denise Spencer
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

After attending a family funeral, Donna Fletcher learns that she has inherited a house from a relative she has never met. Once Donna realizes that the legacy came from her aunt Adriana, she becomes intrigued about what happened to her aunt.
A year ago, her father’s sister returned from a six-month disappearance with a story so fanciful, the family considered having her committed. But Donna soon learns that her aunt was telling the truth; she really was a lost Cushite princess.

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