No more blunders – only suave, compelling, persuasive speech. No more scattered clapping – only thundering applause. No more sleeping audiences – only attentive, engaged, and captivated ones. With this new book, you are now guaranteed to instantly (& easily) master speaking. Gain public speaking confidence, defeat public speaking anxiety, and learn 297 tips to public speaking. Master the art of public speaking, communication, and rhetoric.

How to Master Public Speaking
by Peter Andrei
4.9 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Education & Teaching | Foreign Languages | Law

No more public speaking anxiety – only bullet-proof confidence.

You have a problem:

Weak (or even average) public speaking skills hurt you. They stagnate your career. They limit your potential. They fill you with anxiety before every presentation. They make you feel ignored, sidelined, and disrespected. They make you feel like you aren’t heard.

Here’s the truth about what you deserve:

You deserve to communicate your brilliant ideas with ease. You deserve to lead, to advance, and to transform people with your words. You deserve to present your ideas with eloquence. You don’t deserve to be held back by weak communication skills your entire life.

I was there. I understand you:

I remember when fear paralyzed me every time I stood up in front of a crowd. I understand what it’s like to wonder “is my speech good enough?” Nobody should have to second-guess their ideas. And I care that your ideas are heard.

Here’s why you can trust me:

I coached hundreds of competitive public speakers. I won national speech competitions. I received a seal of special distinction from the National Speech and Debate League. I was the State Champion. I won 27 awards as a competitive public speaker.

With this new book, you will:

• Learn how to instantly and painlessly defeat public speaking anxiety.

• Discover proven & simple secrets to speak with bullet-proof confidence.

• Never fear a speech, meeting, or presentation again.

• Discover 297 proven public speaking techniques guaranteed to captivate your audience.

• Master the advanced, expert techniques used by the world’s best speakers.

• Become better than 99% of other people at public speaking.

• Learn a step-by-step framework to speak with easy eloquence, persuasive power, and cool confidence.

• Master speech writing, delivery, vocal techniques, body language, rhetoric, and content.

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Free: The Public Speaking Essential Skills video course by the author.

• Free: A personal email training with the author after you read.

• Free: The Art of Public Speaking (PDF), by Dale Carnegie.

• Free: Public Speaking, by Clarence Stratton.

• Free: The Training of a Public Speaker, by Grenville Kleiser.

• Free: Successful Methods of Public Speaking, by Grenville Kleiser.

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• Free: A 29-page book summary, which includes every chapter.

• Free: A 219 point speech-checklist.

• Free: A technique reminder sheet.

• Free: A 208-question self-assessment to identify improvements.

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Here’s what you should do:

Go hit that buy-now button. It can save you from a life-time of public speaking anxiety and weak communication skills. And that will cost you much more than this book.

This public speaking book / communication book is like Ted Talks, by Chris Anderson, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Rhetoric.

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