Is it strange that I still get excited when I see the big book of toys come in the mail? It’s not like I want toys for Christmas, not just toys anyway, but I do want a few. It used to come from Toys R Us, but since they closed down Target had to step up. I also love the way they sent two books, one for each of my baby bassets. I am not sure if that was a mistake or they just know I have two kids. It’s not really any of their business how many kids I have. Hmph… I am just going to think that it was a fortunate mistake. This is why I won’t get one of those Alexa devices… I don’t want a little robot spy in my house. Bad enough my TV snitches on me. It listens. Creepy. Anywho…back to the big book of toys. My baby bassets like the book, but they hate how it becomes a homework assignment. I give them each their book with a pen and tell them to get to work picking out Christmas presents. They always think it’s too early to think about such things, but I refuse to shop anytime in December. It’s a mad house and I just don’t have that much fight in me. When Black Friday hits, I am hiding under my bed.

Our Song: The Wilder Books #1
by Savannah Kade
4.5 Stars (124 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Contemporary Fiction | Literary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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~Real life is messy, but real love is worth it~

Meet the boys of the band WILDER and fall hard.

31-year-old single mother Kelsey has moved to Nashville to finally live the life she wants. She’s hasn’t so much given up on love as she’s just decided there are more important things. That doesn’t mean she can’t help out her new… hot… younger… neighbor.

JD is up to his eyeballs in trouble. His band still hasn’t hit it big and when an old ex-girlfriend dies he learns he has a daughter. Thrown into parenting with a kid who doesn’t know him any better than he knows her has JD throwing himself at Kelsey’s feet. How does she handle it all? And what would she think if he told her how he really feels?

Both JD and Kelsey are starting over, but their new lives may be more intertwined than either of them planned. And JD may be playing her song.

Meet the boys of WILDER — JD, Craig, TJ, and Alex — as they find fame, forgiveness, family and their futures in Nashville. This series has real emotion, hard won happy endings, and smoking hot romance.

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Jeff Edwards Military Thriller 3-Book Box Set (USS Towers Series): Sea of Shadows; The Seventh Angel; Sword of Shiva
by Jeff Edwards
4.7 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: History | Thrillers

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This box set of award-winning naval warfare thrillers from Jeff Edwards includes all three books of the USS Towers series: Sea of Shadows, The Seventh Angel, and Sword of Shiva.

Sea of Shadows (Book #1) 562 Reviews, Average 4.5 Stars

The only way to survive is to change the rules.

A minor accident at a German nuclear power plant, a Biological Warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC, and a secret arms deal combine to drive a trusted NATO Ally into an illegal alliance with a rogue Middle Eastern state. With the world hovering on the brink of war, a handful of U.S. Navy warships must track down and destroy a wolfpack of state-of-the-art submarines.

The adversary is skilled in deception and incredibly lethal. Out-gunned, out-maneuvered, and out-thought, the U.S. Navy crews must throw the rulebook out the window, to become every bit as devious and deadly as their enemy.

The Seventh Angel (Book #2) 275 Reviews, Average 4.4 Stars

The world has forgotten the true nature of terror. It’s about to be reminded.

A military revolt in southeastern Russia puts a former hard-line Soviet leader in command of a ballistic missile submarine and its arsenal of nuclear weapons. His goal: re-ignite the communist revolution and recapture the glory of the fallen Soviet Union. Without warning, Russia, Japan, and the United States become hostages in a scheme of international nuclear blackmail. When the warheads start falling and people begin dying, no one can pretend that it’s a bluff.

As the earth rushes toward extinction, a lone U.S. Navy warship must penetrate the Siberian ice pack to destroy the submarine before it can destroy the world.

It may already be too late.

Sword of Shiva (Book #3) 291 Reviews, Average 4.5 Stars

A single spark can ignite a war that consumes the world.

Three Tibetan rebels attack a train carrying Chinese soldiers into the Tibet Autonomous Region. The insurgents escape across the Himalayas into India, unaware that the son of China’s First Vice-Premier lays maimed and dying among the burning wreckage of the train.

As an escalating series of retaliations drive China and India toward outright war, hostilities spill over into the sea, and the Bay of Bengal becomes a crucible of naval warfare.

The president of the United States orders a U.S. Navy strike group into the area as a stabilizing force, but the situation between the two nations has already deteriorated beyond any hope of peaceful resolution.

With Asia sliding toward annihilation, a small force of U.S. warships must defeat the Chinese Navy to preempt the coming firestorm.

The fuse has already been lit.

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The Ringed City Chronicles: The Dragon Hunt
by Jonathan Schlosser
4.9 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Science Fiction & Fantasy

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This is a quest novel. A dragon falling on a stronghold in the mountains and burning it to the ground. A hunter living in those mountains, rising to track it and kill it before it kills everyone that he loves. A desperate race where only one can survive.

A dark world, wastelands and destruction and pristine castles of white stone on the banks of frozen rivers. Everything hanging in the balance as these two creatures who can kill each other slowly begin to circle. Rings of fire and destruction spreading from them and behind it all lurking a horrible truth.

A rising power that dwarfs anything the hunter can imagine. And yet he may be the only one who can stand in its way.

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A Battle of Loyalty and Vice: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Austin Grayson
4.6 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction | Westerns

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After the end of the Civil War, Jack Tremont returns to his family’s southern plantation after having fought for the North. Tensions remain high between him and his older brother, who fought for the South. Will they set their differences aside and fight against the rival plantation owners who are moving in to take their land and fortune for themselves?

Corruption, treachery, and coldblooded murder are only a few of the problems Jack will have to face. If he doesn’t stay united with his brother, he risks losing his family, his newfound love, even his own life. Will Jack’s peaceful inclinations override his brother’s hotheaded, warlike tendencies, or will a brutal slaughter be inevitable? In this impossible situation, will love triumph, or will it be crushed by the forces of greed and depravity?

The soul of the nation is at stake, and one family will either stand together or be torn asunder. Vivid imagery and complex characters enrich this tense and violent drama, an epic story of sacrifice and scheming with twists and turns that will keep the reader flying from page to page.

“A Battle of Loyalty and Vice” is a historical adventure novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

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French Cuisine Can Kill You: Orvilly Mysteries, Book 1
by Rebecca Dunsmuir
4.5 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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A light and entertaining cozy mystery.
A haunted castle in Normandy, a poisoned apple pie and a mystery.
When Amanda McBride learns that she has inherited a castle in Normandy, France, she leaves her hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, and takes her laid back Great Dane d’Artagnan and her psychopathic cat Bronx on a trip to Orvilly-sur-Mer. Although Amanda is a lover of French cuisine and a fan of old cloak-and-dagger French movies, will she accept ownership of a haunted castle that has been the scene of several murders?
French Cuisine Can Kill You is the first book in The Mysteries of Orvilly series. Enter Amanda’s world as she starts a new life in France, and discover the customs and characters of a quaint village in Normandy. With a food-obsessed dog, a cat on a mission to kill the dog, a medieval castle with guests from past centuries, a murder investigation, and a sexy baker, all the right ingredients simmer in Amanda’s pot to deliver a delicious story flavoured with comedy, mystery, and romance. French recipes included!

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