From a USA TODAY bestselling author Edward W. Robertson, comes this wonderful collection filled with compelling characters and epic tales that are witty, clever, and highly entertaining. Enjoy!

The Cycle of Galand: Books 1-3
by Edward W. Robertson
5.0 Stars (46 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Fantasy

For years, peace has reigned between the kingdoms of Mallon and Narashtovik. In large part because Narashtovik’s leader, Dante Galand, has forged himself into a powerful necromancer.

Yet in Mallon, a rival sorcerer named Gladdic has just made a discovery that is about to tip the balance of power. Soon, half the continent will be dragged into war.

But the war is just the beginning. In the chaos of their struggles, they will unleash a force that could consume them all.

Set in a USA Today-bestselling world, this set contains over 1500 pages of warfare, banter, the clash of magics and peoples, and the unraveling of the deepest mysteries of the world.

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Outlaw (Rebel Stars Book 1)
by Edward W. Robertson
4.3 Stars (270 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Science Fiction & Fantasy

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IN THE YEAR 2010, an alien virus nearly wiped out the human race. A thousand years later, mankind has recovered and ventured into space. There has been no sign of the aliens since. Humanity remains confined to the Solar System.

All that is about to change.

Mazzy Webber is a lowly janitor on a third-rate cargo ship. Deeply in debt, when his captain decides to turn pirate, he leaps at the chance.

A modern Robin Hood — minus the part where he gives back to the poor — Webber lays down a few ground rules. No attacking manned ships, and no stealing from anyone who can’t afford it. Within months, he and the crew are out of debt. Their next target will make them rich.

But the attack goes all wrong. The target’s cargo could be the death of them — or it could be the key to reaching the stars.

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