From the author and creator of the bi-weekly audio drama Terragard Tales: A Fantasy Story Podcast comes the first novel set in the world of Terragard—Dark Ages. Terragard is a medieval fantasy setting filled with magic, mythic tales, rival houses, wondrous objects, deadly creatures, interceding gods, and more. It’s the perfect playground for a tale about a thief looking to earn a pocket full of coins.

Dark Ages
by D.S. Tierney
5.0 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Science Fiction & Fantasy

The world of Terragard is a dangerous place. Grint, adopted son of the God of Thieves, has survived by stealing, cheating, and conning his way across the world. When a necromancer hires him to rob the un-robbable city – it’s too good an opportunity to pass up. And one he should have.

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