Nathan Neighbour is the founding pastor at Humanity Church in Downtown Pomona, California, and brings a diverse educational and professional background — encompassing the arts, entrepreneurial leadership, and theology. As an international certified transformational trainer and coach, Nathan is passionate about seeing lives changed through spiritual development and character transformation in the context of community.

ENHANCED: It’s Not Enough to Just Believe
by Nathan Neighbour
4.7 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

You have faith — but is that enough?

If you’ve ever taken vitamins to enhance your diet, or worked a side hustle to enhance your income, you know the value of adding something extra to your base. But did you know that your faith needs enhancing, too? The Bible lays out seven character qualities that, when added to your faith, will ensure you live a transformed, powerful, and purposeful life.

This practical journey to enhancing your faith will show you how to:

• Ensure your knowledge and actions are in alignment

• Wrestle through questions about God’s goodness in a broken world

• Break the power of destructive habits

• Endure difficulties in a way that never wastes your wounds

• Develop empathy and sacrificial love in your relationships with others

Faith is the starting point, but a Godlike love is the final destination. As you explore the lessons of Enhanced: It’s Not Enough to Just Believe, you’ll discover how to follow this divine plan for a faith that actually creates confidence in what is hoped for — and carries you on your lifelong journey toward assurance in what you do not currently see.

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