Even though we are in quarantine at home all together, I feel like I have not really seen my baby bassets. They have rediscovered their Legos, and it’s all they have on their mind. I have been working from home, occasionally going out for a quick trips for work, but I think that is going to end today. I have asthma and hubby has diabetes, and the risk is just not worth it. I think it would be best if I go back to harassing my bees. It has been cold and a little rainy for the last day and a half, so they weren’t very active. I love it when we have a few days of cold or rain and the bees are forced to stay inside, because when the sun and warmth do return, they all go crazy! It is always such a delight to watch them buzz about. These are the nice distractions that take my focus off the stress of what is going out there in the world. Stay safe people.

Rusty Nail (Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries Book 3)
by J.A. Konrath
4.1 Stars (1,178 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels of the Chicago Police Department is back, and once again she’s up to her Armani in murder.

Someone is sending Jack snuff videos. The victims are people she knows, and they share a common trait — each was involved in one of Jack’s previous cases. With her stalwart partner hospitalized and unable to help, Jack follows a trail of death throughout the Midwest, on a collision course with the smartest and deadliest adversary she’s ever known.

During the chase, Jack jeopardizes her career, her love life, and her closest friends. She also comes to a startling realization — serial killers have families, and blood runs thick.

Rusty Nail features more of the laugh-out-loud humor and crazy characters that saturated Whiskey Sour and Bloody Mary, without sacrificing the nail-biting thrills. This is Jack Daniels’s most exciting, adventure yet.

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Sudden Lockdown
by Amos Talshir
5.0 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

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No exit. Three years of a new reality. Changes that will affect them forever.
A naked woman named Rose takes one hundred thousand fans by surprise when she storms the playing field. The writing on her buttocks reads: Free World. Contrary to expectation, the stewards do nothing to stop her. As she stands alone frozen in the middle of field, the only person to come to her rescue is a young man named Simon.

The stunned fans scrambling to exit the stadium discover its gates have been locked down and snipers positioned on the roof are shooting at anyone who tries to disrupt order, forcing the fans to remain inside the stadium against their will.

All 100,000 fans realize life as they knew it is over. The unexpected lockdown made living worse with each passing day.

Now, they must conform to the new order — to eat, love, have children, and live differently.

An absolutely gripping psychological coming of age novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Parental Guidance (A Hot Hockey Romantic Comedy) (Ice Knights Book 1)
by Avery Flynn
4.3 Stars (292 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

FREE for a limited time

It wasn’t me.

It was my team.

But as almost co-captain I raised my hand to fix it.

Never imagined they’d arrange a PR stunt to make me look like Mr. Right to someone my mom picks out on some new dating app.

Then my salvation walks into the restaurant.

Zara Ambrose.

The five-foot-nothing redhead with more freckles than inches that I convinced to go on five dates with me for all the world to see.

She’s got her own reasons for our set up–and her own rules.

But somewhere between the couples’ obstacle course, wrestling matches with her Great Dane, and fights over mashed potatoes, Zara went from means-to-an-end to something so much more.

What happens when you start to fall for the one girl you can’t have… on live TV?

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Windwalker: Forbidden Flight
by H.G. Chambers
4.5 Stars (145 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | World Literature

FREE for a limited time

Winged raptors, deadly sandstorms, and a rebellious girl who makes her own rules.

Sixteen-year-old Kiva Fariq has always dreamed of riding the enormous bird-like predators that scour the desert skies. But the only way to learn how is to join the windwalker sect, which is strictly forbidden to women.

Undeterred, Kiva attempts the perilous sect trials in secret. Should she survive, she will face an even greater challenge: bonding a winged predator of her own.

When signs of an ancient enemy appear on the plains, Kiva’s warnings fall on deaf ears. But the threat is closer than anyone realizes, and will soon bury her people in a tomb of sand and stone — unless she can stop it.

Forbidden Flight is the first book of the Windwalker series, a desert fantasy adventure about a young girl fighting to save her people from extinction.

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Showdown (Wyrd West Chronicles Book 1)
by Diane Morrison, James Field
4.8 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Science Fiction | Westerns

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The Desperado spat. “You ain’t goin’ to start something you can’t finish, are you, boy?” he sneered in a cold rasping baritone. His eyes were darker than coal-black. No apprentice then; this man had sold his soul to Hell and leased it back at compound interest. “You’re so wet behind the ears I don’t reckon you can sprout a beard yet.”

Graeme turned his head just slightly so that the Desperado could get a glimpse of the pointed ear sticking out of his hair under his hat brim.

The Desperado’s eyes narrowed. “Fuckin’ faeries,” he growled, almost under his breath. “Well, guess I got no real idea how old you are. But you smell like children to me. Why don’t you go back to your farm and leave the grown-ups to do their business?”

Graeme thought about the Gunslinger this man had cut down. He could still hear the gurgle and wheeze of her struggle to breathe. He could smell the iron of her blood seeping into the dust.

“I don’t think so.”

In Queenstown, an untried youth is the only one who can face down a notorious Desperado. But Graeme Walsh is not a Gunslinger: not yet. Will his training and his secret sorcerer’s powers be enough to get the drop on the Outlaw, before the Outlaw gets the drop on him?

Welcome to the Wyrd West, a post-apocalyptic Canada where Western meets high fantasy and a dash of steampunk.

This is a serial of novelettes and novellas.

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