Author and podcaster Suzanne Falter shares raw, honest, life-changing wisdom in these three short books about finding joy.
The Joy of Letting Go helps you answer these essential questions: Can you let go of the inadequate job, the bad marriage or the dysfunctional friendship that drain your energy? In wise, warm, often funny terms, Suzanne shares the insights she discovered as she rebuilt her life.

Box of Joy: Three Books About Happiness (The Joy Series Book 4)
by Suzanne Falter
Genre: Self-Help

“… one of the most remarkable books you’ll read this year — or any year… ” (Publisher’s Daily)

Do you know what it takes to truly be happy in life?

Think about it. What would your life look like if you didn’t hold on tight to things you can’t control?

What if you learned to relax and go with the flow instead?

Surrendering to Joy charts Suzanne’s rocky path back to serenity, peace and happiness after losing her relationship, her business, her home and then her 22 year old daughter Teal.

Improbably, there is a path to joy even through the greatest wreckage, and Suzanne shows us how.

How Much Joy Can You Stand? tackles the problems that come with pursuing your dreams.

In fresh, funny language, Suzanne helps anyone push past fears, procrastination, self-doubt and fuzziness to truly accomplish their soul work. Don’t know exactly what your dream is? There’s a chapter for you, too.

Named a ‘Best of the Best Self-Help Book’ by SELF Magazine

Whether you are giving this to someone who needs a heartwarming, encouraging boost, or buying it for yourself, the Box of Joy deliver.

It’s a pure shot of joy, guaranteed.

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