My front lawn is gone!! It just disappeared! OH MY GOSH!!! I kinda knew that was going to happen since I am the one who hired people to take it out. I am so excited that I will never have to mow a lawn again..EVER! mowing lawns isn’t the worst job in the world, but the fact that I could never get my lawn to look super nice and green made it very annoying. I am planning on putting in a dry riverbed and plants that are bee and butterfly friendly. This should also cut down on the water usage. I hear we are in for another drought, so I might as well get a jump on it now. I will of course take a bunch of pictures so you all can see the progress. It will be slow progress though. We are doing the rest of the work ourselves, and it is A LOT of work. It will be so worth it, and this is the kind of stuff I like to do anyways. Now that the lawn is gone it’s time to pick out rocks and flagstone. FUN!

Winslow: The Lost Hunters (Winslow Doyle Mysteries Book 1)
by David Francis Curran, Patricia Ann Curran
4.4 Stars (104 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Suspense | United States | Teen & Young Adult

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A 15-year-old first-time hunter and her father go missing on the first day of hunting season: a wilderness guide whose only hope until now has been the ghost of his late wife, a wilderness hunt, an abandoned mine, a struggle to survive, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and a daring escape attempt with a killer giving chase.


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Let There Be Love (Alaskan Hearts Book 1)
by Melissa Storm
4.7 Stars (322 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Friendship | Mystery

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She longs to uncover her family’s hidden past. He wants nothing more than to keep his shameful secrets locked away forever. They didn’t expect to fall in love.

Lauren Dalton’s world shattered the day her father died. Now she’s willing to move four-thousand miles away from the only home she’s ever known in hopes of discovering the truth about his hidden past.

Shane Ramsey’s reputation says all anyone needs to know. He’s an amazing racer, but a terrible person. When an injury leaves him unable to work his dogs, he must swallow his pride and accept help for the sake of his team.

Will Shane open his home and his heart to the young woman who already shares his greatest love? Will Lauren find her place — and the truth about her family’s past — in helping the cantankerous Shane?

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The Orlando File Omnibus : (Omnibus Version-Book 1 & Book 2): The most gripping Mystery & Detective Medical Thriller you will ever read!
by Ian C.P. Irvine
4.5 Stars (284 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Mystery | Science Fiction | Medical

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The Most Gripping Mystery & Detective Medical Thriller you will ever read!

For fans of Lee Child, Kathy Reich, Tess Gerritsen. The Story: the Orlando File is a fast paced thriller, based upon the latest state-of-the-art discoveries in genetics and stem-cell research. The result is a truly scientific adventure but with a thrilling twist.

The Story

When Kerrin Graham, a retired cop and now an investigative journalist with the Washington Post, receives a call in the middle of the night, his life is about to be turned upside down.

Six of the world’s leading geneticists have all ‘committed suicide’ in the past seven days, his brother-in-law being the latest to die. Establishing that those who died were all employees of the Gen8tyx Company, a secretive research company based in Orlando, Kerrin sets out to discover the truth behind their deaths.

Discovering that those who died were killed to stop them unveiling the results of their revolutionary stem-cell research, a discovery that could usher in a new age of hope and health for all humanity, Kerrin vows to find who was responsible for their deaths and to uncover the powerful secret they were killed to protect.

On a trail that takes him around the world and back, Kerrin uncovers a sinister organization that will stop at nothing to protect the secret behind the mysterious ‘Orlando Treatment’.
When those around him start to die, and his wife disappears, it becomes a race against time to find the missing ‘Orlando File’, the only hope of saving his crippled wife and proving to an unsuspecting world, the truth behind the sinister Chymera Corporation of America.

And yet, when Kerrin eventually understands just what the Orlando File contains, he is faced with a choice no man should ever have to make, and everyone who reads this book must ask the same question:
“What would I do, if I were him?”… and anyone who reads this book could learn a simple little known medical fact that could extend their life by 20 years.

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A Reluctant Hero
by V K McGivney
4.2 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Humor & Satire

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A comic novel that follows the adventures of a man at a critical time in his life.

Henpecked salesman Harry Saunders hates his job and is dreading the arrival of his fiftieth birthday. He is resigned to a bleak future when a sudden and unpremeditated act of courage propels him into a succession of dangerous but ultimately life-changing situations.
After Harry foils a robbery, he loses his job and allows himself to be drawn into dubious activities that he finds difficult to extricate himself from. His marriage goes steadily downhill and he becomes a pariah in his own family.
When good things start happening to him, Harry decides to confess what he has done to the police, with unexpected results.

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by Hannah Roses
3.8 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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Are you trying to start a new garden and don’t you know how to?

Do you want to be able to convert your lawn into a beautiful garden with raised beds?

If you want to learn how to get the growing small plots of veggies and flowers, this is the book that you are looking for!

With this book, you can get very cheap raised beds easy to assemble, and despite the limited space, plant organic vegetables fresh and fruit trees.

You will learn:

• How to Build a Raised Bed Gardening

• How to Make the Right Compost

• Types of Water Irrigation System

• The Right Vegetables Month by Month

• Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables

• Types of Fertilizer

• Pests, Prevention and Treatment

Even if you are totally new to gardening and have just a small space, with this book, you will learn how you can make the most of it, so that you can grow fresh, organic food that is nutritious and healthy.

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