The Secret of Immortality by C J McKivvik is a unique, original, entertaining novel that intricately weaves together different story lines. While the length is longer than many books, it is a light read – great for summer. The overarching arc of the story is the search for immortality – and the novel is the first of four in the series. It is not in any way a fantasy piece of work but, rather, blends science with history, and combines the possible with the range of human emotions we all know so well. Enjoy!

The Secret of Immortality: The Tombmakers Village
by C J McKivvik
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction

What would you do if you discovered how to be immortal? Tom Carrott’s life turns into chaos when the director of his university research group drops dead while giving a speech, leaving the group unexpectedly bankrupt. Tom stands to lose everything he cares about – his job, his credibility, his girlfriend Eloise – until an ancient Egyptian chest arrives on his doorstep, with a note from beyond the grave.

Tom embarks on a dangerous and life-changing adventure in pursuit of the secret of immortality, with a fake researcher, the CIA, a beautiful Mossad agent named Eshe, the Theory of Everything Important, and a ruthless billionaire who will stop at nothing to obtain the secret.

Lies, friendship, love, danger, and greed are intertwined as Tom and Eshe race to solve the mystery before they lose everything, including their lives.

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