You guys might hate me for saying this, but my friend pointed out an item that would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for my dad. OH MY GOLLY!!!! I won’t say what it is, since he might read this, but what the item is doesn’t really matter. The fact that it is the perfect Christmas gift does. We are talking such a great gift, that I will certainly be the favorite for the full year of 2021. I know some of you don’t want to think about Christmas, and I agree it’s early, but when you find the perfect gift you have to pounce on it. It may seem strange, but finding the perfect gift for someone always makes my day.

Away from You: A Sweet, Second Chance Military Romance (San Diego Marines Book 2)
by Jess Mastorakos
4.7 Stars (32 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

FREE for a limited time

This kind of love deserves a second chance.

Lance Corporal Matthew Mills returned home from his first deployment with more than just a bullet wound. While he knew that injury would heal, he feared the invisible ones never would. He couldn’t trust his own mind anymore and the only way to keep Olivia safe was to push her away… maybe for good.

Olivia wanted nothing more than to stand by her husband while he battled PTSD. If he needed time and space, that’s what she’d give him. But how long was too long? Just when she was about to lose hope, fate and a few meddling friends stepped in.

A week in the woods at Big Bear Lake promises relaxation, fun with friends, and adventure. Without the pressures of the outside world, Olivia hopes she can convince him that their love is worth fighting for. And as much as it scares him, Matt can’t help but want to let her.

If you like captivating chemistry, realistic military romance, and loyal friendships, then you’ll love this unputdownable series by Jess Mastorakos.

Away from You is a clean romance set in the world of The San Diego Marines. Each book can be read as a standalone.

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PULSE: Thirteen Action-Packed Medical Thrillers
by Multiple Authors
4.3 Stars (102 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

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It’s a race against death…
… and every second counts.

Which book will you start with first?

In the world of medical thrillers, this collection of authors is unsurpassed. Thirteen medical thrillers — written by Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon bestsellers — fill your Kindle with high-stakes adventures.

Murderers, parental impostors, serial-killers, and natural disasters, among other villains, make these stories come alive.

The clock is always ticking.

Your pulse will race.

These thrillers will keep you turning the pages until the end, but don’t worry, the next book will be waiting for you to keep the excitement alive.

You’ll love this anthology, because the authors are seasoned masters of the craft and the price is a bargain for so many twists and turns.

Get it now.


Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center – Judith Lucci
Thorn – Fiona Quinn
Empty Promises – Edwin Dasso
Everett – Jenifer Ruff
The Recipient – Audrey J. Cole
Dark Harvest – Chris Patchell
Tree of Life – Timothy Browne
Biohack – JD Lasica
No Freedom – Inge-Lise Goss
Dead Air – Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid
Bloodline – Eric J. Gates
Counterstrike – J.T. Sawyer
Rogue Elements – Dan Alatorre

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A Robot Named Clunk: A humorous science fiction comedy (Hal Spacejock Book 1)
by Simon Haynes
4.0 Stars (398 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Science Fiction | Foreign Languages

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Hal Spacejock dreams of running a huge, intergalactic freight company. Unfortunately, his current ‘fleet’ consists of an ancient rust-bucket of a ship… and he can’t afford to refuel it.

In fact, he’s not even sure how to fly it.

Clunk, an elderly robot, is a qualified pilot with years of experience. Sadly, he’s about to embark on his final voyage… straight to the nearest scrap heap.

But it’s not over yet.

These two misfits are about to meet, and they’ll get one chance to deliver an urgent cargo together.

If only someone had warned them the job was impossible…

Author’s note: A Robot Named Clunk is a lot more slapstick than the rest of the series. If that’s not your preferred style of humour, you may prefer to start your Hal Spacejock journey with book two, Second Course.

What they’re saying…
“Once you realize that Hal Spacejock is truly an incompetent, clumsy guy with a decent heart, you can just settle in and enjoy the mayhem.”

“This is Murphy’s law times a hundred.”

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Storm Over Mendaro
by John Glasby
4.0 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Action & Adventure | Westerns

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There’s a change in the wind…

Brad Lando has a reputation as a fast man with a gun.

After riding a hell-trail that wound for a hundred miles along the Mexican border, Lando finds himself in Mendaro, a tiny border town besieged by bandits and thieves.

It’s a place where only money can buy protection.

But when the money runs out, a trail of murder and intrigue is left behind.

Wanting to help, and so end the trouble and violence that has followed him for more than three years, Lando joins rancher Jeb Callaghan in his fight to protect his home and his cattle from the ruthless villain Jose Mendosa.

The only law in Mendaro is that dealt out by a .45.

But something deep inside Lando refuses to buckle under the continuous threats of violence and sudden death that linger in the dark, shadowed alleys.

He soon finds himself swept up in double crossing and dirty deals, all but trapped in a place where the law is as crooked as the bandits and vigilantes who escape its justice.

Now a storm is coming, and Lando’s only weapons are courage and his single pearl-handled Colt.

Can he survive the Storm of Mendaro?

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Make Fitness A Priority: 30 Tips to Elevate Your Life Through Fitness
by Chad Austin, Jesse Kepka
4.9 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

FREE for a limited time

As fitness professionals, we want to help you reach your goals, but most importantly, we want to teach you how to keep them for a lifetime. We are not looking for temporary success here. We want fitness to be embedded as a permanent priority no matter what is going on in the world around you. You are so capable of harnessing the power of self-sufficiency and reaping the overflow of rewards.

In the fitness industry today, we are fighting a wicked battle between these two ideas; a quick fix to hit a goal (like giving a man a basket of fish) and long-term success based on knowledge and behavior change, consistently (like teaching a man to fish for himself). We know which man will go hungry. Everyday there are more and more predators popping up who are making millions of dollars, preying upon a person’s deep desire to look and feel better. They are selling weight loss products and performance enhancing products that will, ultimately, only lead to temporary success. Likely, none at all. Promises of fast results with little or no effort can cloud the judgment of even the smartest and most cautious of consumers.

In April of 2014, the Make Fitness a Priority community was established in Overland Park, Kansas with this very goal in mind. We want you to get off the roller coaster ride of temporary success and crashing failure, and we want you to do it among friends with the same goals. There is no prerequisite in your physical abilities, everyone is welcomed. We know all our lives are incredibly unique. Your plan should match your uniqueness. From there, consistency is born and your quality of life skyrockets.

These 30 tips and tricks were created from our Saturday morning Priority Fit Camp, one of our community gatherings. In 2019, we implemented a Trainer Tip to be briefly discussed between circuits, in an effort to make a bigger impact on our community. You may be thinking, “how can one 2-3 minute tip make a big impact?” In the following pages, you will see very clearly that small changes, consistently, is what fuels this long-term success we want so badly for you. If you are a beginner, the amount of information available to you is overwhelming. Doing too much, too fast, will lead to burn out and failure to change.

Take your time to wander slowly through these pages, as it fits in your life. Read one tip per week or per day, as it suits you. Take the time to focus, meditate upon and implement them because, as we said before, small consistent changes will build your path to feeling your best. Find your strength, you were built to not only succeed, but never settle. You were built to Elevate.

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