The Merci Lanard Files by Amanda Arista are a fast paced paranormal thrill ride that readers are sure to enjoy. Filled with witty dialog, intrigue, and characters you love, find out for yourself why fans just can’t get enough of The Merci Lanard Files. Enjoy!

The Truth About Night: A Paranormal Mystery (The Merci Lanard Files Book 1)
by Amanda Arista
5.0 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

As an investigative journalist, Merci Lanard has an uncanny knack for getting the truth out of people, a talent she uses to expose the real story behind her city’s most gruesome crimes.

Until one night, when her partner, Ethan, is killed.

Reeling from shock and grief, Merci vows to track down his murderer. As she starts digging, she meets Ethan’s estranged brother, Rafe, who agrees to work with Merci to find his brother’s killer. She soon discovers Ethan had been hiding things from her, mainly that he was a Shifter and had a whole life in a supernatural world she knew nothing about.

A Shifter himself, Rafe introduces Merci to magic she never knew existed. As they work together to uncover hidden connections between Ethan’s murder and a series of strange dead bodies, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a turf war for the soul of the city.

If Merci is to have any hope of saving her city, she will have to face the truth about this war, the truth about this new magical world, and the truth about who she truly is.

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The Truth About Blood (The Merci Lanard Files Book 2)
by Amanda Arista
Genre: Fantasy | Mystery

As an investigative journalist, Merci Lanard always gets her story but she doesn’t always get the truth she wants.

After discovering her mother passed along a demon lineage, Merci goes to her mother’s active retirement community to ask the tough questions about their blood, their power, and the truth about her father’s death.

Instead of answers, she is gifted a dead body and a plea to find out what happened. Since Philly is peaceful and things aren’t exactly perfect with Rafe, she stays in New Haven to hunt down a killer and answers about herself.

Navigating wakes and themed parties, Merci finds herself at home with drug rings and a conniving political arena threatening her mother’s community of Wanderers. But as another body puts Merci in jail, she needs to draw on her own community to help- Rafe.

As she fully realizes the power of what her mother has built and the dark side of that, she finds the truth behind the killings, the truth about family, and the truth about the real power of her blood.

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