My battle with the neighborhood cats pooping in my yard has taken a weird turn. All too often now I find myself at the window looking for cats. If I find one walking close to my yard I start yelling and banging on the window. This confuses the heck out of Junebug and Casper. I always yell at them to stop barking when they do this, but now I am allowed to. UNFAIR! How do I explain to them that when I do it, it is different. I am trying to guard the front yard from cats. When they do it they are trying to guard the front house from ca….. See what I mean? Strange days.

Gathering Storm: A 1920s woman breaking all the rules (The Rum Runners’ Chronicles Book 1)
by Sherilyn Decter
4.8 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Sagas

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She left criminal life behind. Will her new business venture send her to sleep with the fishes?

Florida Coast, 1932. Edith Duffy might be grieving her gangster husband’s death, but she’s no damsel in distress. Leaving the sordid world of Philadelphia bootlegging, she settles in a small town outside Miami and buys a speakeasy. But when she launches a lucrative rum-running operation, indignant locals conspire to destroy her.

Edith lands squarely back in gangland culture, with a Bible-thumping preacher campaigning to shut her down and smugglers resentful of her skill. And now she must forge alliances and make unlikely allies just to survive. Luckily, her mentor is none other than the wife of the notorious Al Capone…

Will Edith’s fondness for underworld profits lead her to a dead end?

Gathering Storm is the first book in the Rum Runners’ Chronicles, a fast-paced historical women’s fiction trilogy. If you like atmospheric settings, mob stories, and independent heroines, then you’ll love Sherilyn Decter’s Prohibition-era adventure.

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Murder in Mystic Grove (A Liz Bean Mystery Book 2)
by S.F. Bose
4.5 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Can a young, female protagonist solve a murder mystery in her small town and clear her mother’s close friend, who is a key suspect? Or will it all explode in her face and cause deeper problems with her family?

A murder mystery by S.F. Bose featuring Liz Bean, woman sleuth and aspiring private investigator..

Murder in Mystic Grove

Liz Bean has a new job as a private investigator intern for Sam Nolan Investigations in her hometown of Mystic Grove. When a longtime Mystic Grove resident is murdered, fear cuts through the village. Liz is shocked when she learns that her divorced mother’s boyfriend, Ben, is a key suspect in the murder. When her mother calls to hire Liz and Sam to clear Ben’s name, Liz hesitates. Her demanding mother has never asked for her help before.

After a debate, Liz and Sam take the case. They chase down leads, following the evidence as it twists and turns through Mystic Grove and beyond. With all of the lies and deception they find, Liz realizes that Mystic Grove isn’t the innocent village she remembered. Was the murder a simple robbery or an act of revenge? Or was the killing connected to darker activities like illegal gambling and organized crime? More threatening events convince Liz that the killer is still in Mystic Grove and might be gunning for her. Can she find the killer before he strikes again?

This action-packed mystery featuring a young woman sleuth and her private investigator partner, Sam Nolan, will keep you guessing all the way to the surprising ending.

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One Hundred Promises (An Aspen Cove Small Town Romance Book 4)
by Kelly Collins
4.7 Stars (93 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Contemporary Fiction | Romance

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Join Bestselling Author Kelly Collins on another trip to Aspen Cove where anything is possible when it comes to love…

Aspen Cove, Colorado wasn’t on Lydia Nichols’ wish list when she finished her residency at Denver General Hospital, but life delivered several surprising blows. Her long-time boyfriend, who was also her boss, moved on with a nurse and took Lydia’s job with him. No boyfriend. No job. No options. As a favor to her sister, she arrived in the small mountain town for a temporary job as the clinic doctor. Her first question when she got there was ‘how fast can I leave?’ That was until sinfully, sexy Wes Covington came into the clinic seeking care. With him around Lydia might have found a reason to stay — for now.

Wes Covington left his demons in Denver. Working for his family’s architectural firm, he was tired of being almost — almost good enough — almost rich enough — almost loveable enough. He abandoned his penthouse, his high-paying position and his Porsche for simple, small-town life. All he wanted was to restore his ancestral home and find a good woman who would love him for who he was and not what he was worth. When Wes meets Dr. Lydia Nichols he likens her to a hellion with a halo. She’s the perfect mix of sassy and sweet, cunning and compassion, but she’ll never be his unless he can convince her to stay.

Love blooms quickly when the timing is right, but will Lydia surrender her chance at love, or can Wes convince her that everything she’ll ever want or need is right in Aspen Cove?

Find out in One Hundred Promises…

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The Fall of Endurance: A Space Colonization Adventure Novella (Under a New Sun Book 1)
by R. L. Blalock
4.5 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Science Fiction & Fantasy

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A starship’s sirens scream into the void. Can a highly trained protector fight for peace on an unfamiliar world?

It’s elite soldier Laure’s duty to protect the last of humanity. Four hundred years after Earth fell to alien invaders, she’s only known life on a colonization ship searching through space. But when the vessel is forced to crash land for emergency repairs, Laure comes face to face with a new breed of enemy.

Struggling both to battle aliens and rescue her colonists, Laure never expects to find her other half on the strange planet. As her telepathic and physical bond with the alien grows, she’s horrified to discover the people she’s sworn to protect turn on her and consider her inhuman.

Torn between two species, can Laure defend humankind from extinction?

The Fall of Endurance is the first book in the futuristic Under a New Sun science fiction series. If you like alien encounters, high-stakes action, and strong heroines, then you’ll love R. L. Blalock’s riveting saga.

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Mediterranean Diet for Dummies: 56-Easy Recipes for a 14-Day Diet Meal Plan to Lose Weight and Get Healthy (Mediterranean diet beginner Book 1)
by Helen Pearson
3.9 Stars (35 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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The ideal diet must offer wider choices, relatively fewer restrictions, and none of those long grocery lists of oftentimes expensive and specialized foods. It must be an easy, convenient, and viable dietary program you could maintain and sustain for years, if not, for forever.
It must also be as beneficial to your body, bones, and brain as it is to your heart… and waistline!

More importantly, it can only offer you something much better and fulfilling — a lifetime of savory and nutritious recipe choices that will serve your entire being in a more holistic way… and not just certain parts of you.

The quintessential diet that satisfies to a tee all these parameters is none other than the authentic Mediterranean Diet! No wonder the dietary program has become the “Best Diet” for years now; with UNESCO, no less, designating the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Award for being much more than just celebrating the consumption of healthy foods and drinks.

The Mediterranean Diet for Dummies is the only complete cookbook guideline you will ever need to start and stick to the regimen. It divides its scope and intent into two comprehensive parts to facilitate your engagement.

The first part discusses the real essence of the dietary program and everything you need to know about practicing, maintaining, and sustaining the Mediterranean Diet. The second part shares with you 56 selected top-rated, easy-to-prepare, overly healthy, nutritionally well-balanced, and delectable recipes that follow the concepts of the genuine Mediterranean Diet.

Although they are original Mediterranean recipes, you will have all the conveniences of cooking up each of them since they carry ingredients easily sourced and available from your local grocery stores!

These recipes will motivate you to cook up a 14-day meal plan and inspire you to sprinkle them into your days and weeks to render style, variety, and all the healthy rewards to your eating routine shared with your loved ones. Hence, you can redesign, reschedule, and reinvent your dining patterns with the diet for your entire life while never feeling as if you are actually on a diet!
As an overview, the recipes compose eight sets of cooking preparations with seven selected recipes for each set:

Bountiful Breakfast

Salad & Soups

Sides & Snacks

Pizza & Pasta

Seafood Staples

Meaty Meals

Vegetarian Viands

Dessert Delights

Within these recipes, you will even learn how to whip up your homemade Mediterranean-styled hummus, tzatziki, and pesto sauces, as well as making the proper pastry dough for your pizza.
Grab your copy now and be a true Mediterranean bon vivant, savoring sensuously the best and healthiest in foods and drinks! Toe the line of the Blue Zone lifestyle of slowing down while spending your precious time to enjoy and love life.
The Mediterranean Diet is all about going back to your healthy self… by eating and living well… to alter your life for the better, forever!

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