OH MY GOSH! Is that snow? Oh.. no it’s not. It’s ash. Fire season has begun. In California we have fire season in the Fall. This year it started early because of the lightening storms. One place the fires have decided to pay a visit is Armstrong State Natural Reserve, that I was telling you all about earlier. My partner in crime, her boy, and me and my baby bassets, went on a social distance hike two weeks ago through there. The giant redwoods are amazing. Some are over 3000 years old. The fire is threatening them, but I am not sure just how much damage the fire would do. The woods have been through a number of blazes over the years, and you can see the evidence on the blacked bark. The trees are standing tall, strong, and quiet healthy. I am not going to worry too much about the redwoods right now. The firefighters around here have had plenty of practice and they are amazing. Instead today I will spend my time cleaning all the ash  that has fallen all over the garden, cars, and deck. It will all be back in an hours time, but for some reason is a satisfying chore.

Fool’s Gold: Classic Adventure Novel (A Sam Harris Adventure Book 1)
by PJ Skinner
4.1 Stars (301 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction | Literary Fiction

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She aspires to be Indiana Jones

But she’s more like Bridget Jones; until she finds the mysterious Inca steps.

It’s 1987. Sam Harris graduates as a geologist in mineral exploration. Undeterred by the difficulties presented by her gender, she is determined to make her mark in a man’s world.

Geology jobs are hard to come by, and in an act of desperation, Sam accepts a contract with a dodgy entrepreneur exploring for gold in the remote rainforests of Sierramar.

When Sam stumbles on some Inca steps buried deep within the jungle, she uncovers a clue to an ancient mystery. A team is assembled to uncover the site. When rumours about hidden Inca artefacts leak out, the expedition attracts dangerous attention which may prove fatal.

Will Sam survive, or will her first adventure be her last?

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Anything For You (The Connor Family Book 1)
by Layla Hagen
4.4 Stars (679 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Landon Connor is a man of many talents–all business magazines agree on that. My family calls me a workaholic, but being driven and career-focused is what turned me into a hotshot CEO. I have good reasons for keeping my personal life on hold.
Then Maddie Jennings walks into my life and makes me question all my choices.
Maddie says she hasn’t met anyone like me before, and hopes she never will again. Good. I can’t stand the thought of anyone else getting the reactions I do out of her when I boss her around, when I stand just a little too close.

Pretending to ignore the way I make her feel is becoming her full-time job.

I’m not ignoring anything about her, from her curves to the sweetness in her smile. She’s all I see, and everything I want.

Maddie can’t help giving in to my romantic overtures and the intoxicating feeling when we touch. But even as our passion grows, I can’t help but wonder — can I prove I’m ready to open my heart for longer than a summer?

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Chase Tinker and the HOUSE OF MAGIC (The Chase Tinker Series, Book 1)
by Malia Ann Haberman
4.6 Stars (72 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Action & Adventure

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Join Chase Tinker and his family and friends for some wild and crazy supernatural escapades while living in a gigantic, 560-year-old magical house where magic, adventure, excitement, and danger can be found around nearly every corner.

Root for Chase in his pursuit of a way to outwit, out-magic,and outmaneuver dangerous and wicked villains who are planning to destroy the Tinkers and get control of this incredible and unique house.

Be on the edge of your seat as Chase searches for his missing dad, fights through frightening family secrets and betrayals, and tries his best to save his family, his house, and the world…
It’s an adventure for the ages, and for all ages, and in just moments, it can be on an ereader near you.

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Heart Raider: A thrilling billionaire romantic suspense (A Heartthrob Series Book 1)
by Sophia Knightly
4.0 Stars (194 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Foreign Languages

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He’s a hot billionaire caught in a fever-pitch scandal. She’s the gutsy reporter out to clear his name… and claim his heart. But will she make it off of the secluded island alive?

After a raging media storm nearly destroys him, financial whiz Nick Cameron is laying low on a secluded island off the Florida coast, far away from reporters and scandals.

But when Ronnie shows up on the reclusive billionaire’s doorstep, all grown up and breathtakingly beautiful, he tries to deny his feelings for her. Fate intervenes and a hurricane strands them on the island together and keeping Ronnie at arm’s length becomes the biggest challenge of all.

But investigative reporter Ronnie has an agenda of her own that could get her killed. Ronnie knows there’s more to Nick than the hot and juicy scandal he’s embroiled in. Determined to get an exclusive interview with her first love, she sets out to expose the real criminal. Though grouchy Nick wants her to leave it alone, Ronnie refuses to sit by while the world slanders the most honorable and decent man she’s ever known… and loved.

But Ronnie may have gone too far this time. Will her snooping unleash more danger than she ever imagined?

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INTEL 1 Omnibus: Books 1-4
by Erec Stebbins
4.5 Stars (277 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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Four Action-Packed Political Techno-Thrillers

Three Armageddon Scenarios. Two Unusual Love Stories. One Secretive Intelligence Branch.


— Allan Leverone, author of Final Vector


“Fortify your shelf of Armageddon thrillers with this promising newcomer.” -Library Journal

A Western terrorist organization targets Muslims around the world, and FBI agent John Savas must put aside the loss of his son and work with a man who symbolizes all he has come to hate. Both are drawn into a race against time to stop the plot of an American bin Laden and prevent a global catastrophe.

“Outrageously entertaining: epic, explosive, subversive, engaged and compassionate, like a Michael Bay movie written by Aaron Sorkin.” -Chris Brookmyre, author of Where The Bodies Are Buried


Murder, torture, and vengeance collide to threaten the highest echelons of power.

“Startlingly dark” -San Francisco/Sacramento Book Reviews

“A labyrinth of highly charged action” -Tome Tender

“A plot that never stops” -Foreword Reviews

Evil is not born of madness, but madness of evil. Follow a rogue CIA agent who uncovers a shocking conspiracy deep in the intelligence community. But a shadow follows the investigation: a killer bent on a revenge so terrible, it is only matched by the crimes committed against him. In the end, no one escapes unscathed, no beliefs will go unchallenged, and no wrong will escape the terrible, final, and extraordinary retribution.

“Stebbins nails it with this book. Just when you think you have the recipe down for international thrillers, an author upends it and creates multifaceted characters and a plot that never stops. Intrigue, murder, ethics, religion, romance, an international setting… the author has packed everything” -Foreword Reviews

“A fast-paced international thriller… the twists and turns of plot continue right up to the last emotionally-charged paragraph” -Midwest Book Review

“An addictive page turner and heart pounding thrill ride… an absolute must-read. You won´t be able to put it down.” -Internet Review of Books

The global financial system is in chaos. World leaders have been compromised. An unstoppable computer virus eats through the Internet. They are Anonymous. They do not forgive. They do not forget. Expect their signal.

“Hang on tight for this one” -Tome Tender

“A thrilling and frightening story” -Portland Book Review

“Excellent, detailed plot, and clever storytelling” -San Francisco Book Review

We believed our government was of the people, by the people, and for the people. We were wrong.

A terrorist’s last words lead a team of special agents to the discovery of an unimaginable global conspiracy. But time is running out. The numbers are converging. Can a group of fugitive FBI and CIA operatives prevent the coming catastrophe before the world crosses the Nash Criterion?

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