If you want to take back control of your destiny by recognizing and manifesting your truest desires, then pick up your copy of The Stressed Out Manifestor by Nico Zen, and unlock the power of your thoughts and change the course of your life.

The Stressed Out Manifestor: 7 Hidden Manifesting Mistakes You Need to Fix Now! – Breakthrough Techniques for Mastering the Law of Attraction
by Nico Zen
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality

How to Permanently Remove the Blocks Stopping You From Making Any Dream A Reality

Do you feel that your life is out of your control?

That no matter what you do, the universe seems to keep going against you?

That despite years of trying, you’re still not able to manifest the things you want into your life?

You’re probably already familiar with the law of attraction – how your thoughts and your energy can create your reality.

Yet, even though you keep trying to apply it in your life, it just doesn’t seem to be working for you.

What could be holding you back from manifesting your desires?

It’s not the universe telling you ‘no’. It’s you not telling the universe what you truly want.

You may be focusing on the wrong things or have some deep-seated beliefs that are blocking you from your heart’s desire.

Thankfully, all is not lost.

It’s possible to find out what you’re doing wrong and learn how to make it right.

Be it a sought-after job or a longed-for love, any goal is within reach when you learn how to manifest the right way.

In The Stressed Out Manifestor, you will discover:

• How your biggest failures can set you up for even bigger success with this simple change in mindset

• The secret to discovering your true, authentic self and sending the right message to the universe

The #1 mistake when manifesting your desires that’s keeping you from achieving what you really want to achieve

• Why not having a Plan B is the best plan, and what to do instead

Why good things keep happening to “bad” people, and how you can learn from their candid attitudes

10 telltale signs that your ego (not our authentic self) is leading your life, and what you can do to change it

• How you can access your subconscious and manifest your deepest desires with your dreams

And much, much more!

If you’ve tried many times and failed, now is not the time to give up – it’s the time to try again, but to try something different.

Figure out what you truly want – not what someone else wants for you, not what you think you deserve, not what you believe is realistic.

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