Filled with mystery and intrigue, not all is what it seems in this thrilling collection by author Justin Haines!

Robbie’s Scheme: (Maya Morrison Thriller #1) (Maya Morrison Thrillers)
by Justin Haines
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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“Behind every great fortune is a crime.” – Honore De Balzac

When political reporter Maya Morrison meets Robbie at a charity gala one evening, she has no idea the weird turn her life’s about to take.

From the moment she meets him, Maya thinks he’s impossibly perfect and finds herself pulled further into Robbie’s luxurious world. Spending their days surrounded by the rich and their nights doing charity work, their relationship quickly becomes the highlight of her life.

Unfortunately for Maya, Robbie’s too good to be true behavior catches the attention of the FBI and ensnares them both in a vicious investigation. Their connection also entangles her with religious cult fanatics who claim Robbie as their own and complicate plans.

With a guy like Robbie, their relationship can only end with a bang. But does that mean a career defining story for Maya or the end of the life she’s worked hard to build?

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Pender’s Death
by Justin Haines
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Adam Pender’s living the life as the sole heir to his family’s fortune and corporate empire until his mother’s shocking death risks ruining everything.

While the police think it’s an accident, Adam can’t ignore the many nagging questions surrounding her death.

To make matters worse, he’s entering the fight of his life to protect his family’s company, while wanting to expand it and leave his mark on the family legacy.

Now he’s risking it all to hunt for answers to his mother’s questionable death, regardless of the impact on his personal life.

Can Adam keep his life together as everything falls around him, or will he and Pender Industries be added to the list of casualties?

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