I am feeling a lot of pressure for Valentines Day. It is one week away and I haven’t got a plan to make the day special, wonderful, and to make sure my family knows they are loved. What will happen if I don’t buy then a box of chocolates shaped like a heart??!!! THEY WILL NEVER KNOW I LOVE THEM!!! I mean… I tell them I love them and I give them hugs and stuff every day, but it’s just not the same as giving them a pink teddy bear and a box of chocolates that will upset their stomachs. Actually, it’s my tummy that gets upset because I always end up stealing it all from them one piece at a time until I emptied multiple boxes. I steal a lot of candy from my family. If I had my own box, I would still steal from them. I think its the thrill of the hunt that makes it fun for me. Sorry family. My plan for Valentines Day is the same at Easter, Christmas, and all other gift giving holidays. I will give you candy and then steal it from you, but know that I love you very much….. and your candy as well.

The Shallows
by Nigel Bird
4.2 Stars (61 Reviews)

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Lieutenant Bradley Heap has gone AWOL and taken along his wife and son. They’re managing to cope until a chance encounter turns their world upside down. With no money and no contacts, the Heaps are forced underground. It’s a tough path they’ve chosen, but they can cope with anything as long as they stay together as a family unit.

Detective John Locke of Police Scotland joins forces with his Navy colleagues in the search for Heap on a trail that will take them from the middle of Scotland to the edge of the South Lakes.

The Shallows explores the limits of human endurance and examines how far people will go to protect the ones they love. It is a twisting tale of tension, despair and intrigue that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

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Forager – A Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Thriller (Forager – A Dystopian Trilogy Book 1)
by Peter R Stone
4.3 Stars (622 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Teen & Young Adult

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Over 50,000 Copies Downloaded/Sold to Date
Award-Winning Finalist in the “Fiction: Science Fiction” category of the 2015 USA Best Book Awards

Twenty-year-old Ethan Jones lives in a post-apocalyptic, oppressive society that terminates anyone with mutations caused by nuclear radiation in an effort to keep the human race pure. Because of that, he lives every day in fear for his life, for he has an incredible mutation that gives him an edge when foraging in Melbourne’s ruins. An edge he uses to survive encounters with the vile Skel savages who roam those ruins.

His life becomes complicated when he rescues a mysterious Japanese girl from the Skel and brings her back with him, for she breaks the town’s rigid conventions in her pursuit of him, placing their lives in jeopardy. Her odd behaviour and probing questions baffle him, as does the fact that he understands her when she speaks in Japanese.

At the same time, the Skel ramp up their attacks on the foraging teams. Is this part of a larger plan that could spell the town’s doom? And why do the Skel suddenly possess advanced technology – who is backing them, and why?

Keeping his mutation secret, uncovering the girl’s true intentions and trying to save the town all vie for Ethan’s attention. And if he fails, not only his life, but the lives of all, are at stake.

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Repressed: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 3)
by Meghan O’Flynn
4.1 Stars (88 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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An idyllic family. A detective with a past. And the sadistic kidnapper hell-bent on destroying them all.


For once in his life, Curtis Morrison has it good.

A newly-married detective on the Ash Park police force, Morrison spends his days working to heal the ails of society to make up for his own checkered past. But though he’s come a long way from a life of deadly, bloody secrets he can’t fully recall, not even his wife and baby daughter can silence the old addiction still rattling around in his brain.

And he’s about to learn that a history like his is not the kind you can escape from.

When his wife and child go missing, Morrison finds himself dragged into a nightmare game controlled by a sadistic monster hell-bent on making him pay for sins he’s repressed for nearly twenty years. Whoever took his wife isn’t after her–they want Morrison to suffer. And with each day that passes, his family’s situation grows more dire.

Now Morrison must explore a past he’d hoped he’d left behind to save the people he loves, awakening the beast he’s tried so hard to forget. What he uncovers is far worse than he imagined, every clue dragging him away from the life he’s painstakingly built and back to a place he’d very nearly succumbed.

The clock’s ticking. And this time, he might not make it out alive.

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A Sense of Duty – A Medieval Romance (The Sword of Glastonbury Series Book 4)
by Lisa Shea
4.1 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Teen & Young Adult

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Constance had given him up. Gabriel, the one man who could make her smile, who could bring joy to her world, was gone. She deliberately drove him away. She gave in to her parents’ wishes and agreed to marry Barnard, a much older neighbor, to solidify her family’s borders.

A handfasting, two failed attempts at having children, and she never even got that ring.

Six years later, bandits are invading the realm while Barnard is too occupied with other women to lift a finger. To make matters worse, Gabriel returns home from the Crusades, his honor and strength a bitter reminder of all she has lost. Watching the single maidens vie for his affection is almost more than she can bear.

When Barnard turns violent, Constance is forced to flee for her life. Gabriel rides to the rescue – an act which brings the hangman’s noose!

All author’s proceeds from sales of the Sword of Glastonbury series benefit battered women’s shelters.

A Sense of Duty is book four in the Sword of Glastonbury series. Each novel ends in a happily ever after, which then leads into the next book in the series. Each of these full-length romances features its own flavor, atmosphere, and main characters. Each is set in a different part of medieval England and showcases the natural beauty of its region. A Sense of Duty is set in the North Sunderland area, on the northeastern coastline.

A Sense of Duty is a poignant tale of lost love and second chances, in the style of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. It is suitable for teens and older. It does not feature any strong language nor any explicit intimacy.

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Gods and Mortals: Nine Novels Featuring Thor, Loki, Greek Gods, Native American Spirits, Vampires, Werewolves, & More
by Multiple Authors
4.3 Stars (1,614 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

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Nine novels with modern humans facing off against heroes, Norse and Greek gods, djinn, and monsters of old… over one million words of divinely (and diabolically) inspired fantasy, adventure, and romance.

Join the freshest voices in urban fantasy and paranormal, New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors, on unique journeys to heaven, hell, and worlds beyond.

Get this heavenly collection of paranormal romance and urban fantasy… before it’s too late!

About the Books:

Elsker by S. T. Bende
Kristia Tostenson just found out her new boyfriend is the Norse God of Winter, and an immortal assassin destined to die at Ragnarok. Her orderly life just got very messy.

Wolves: I Bring the Fire Part I – A Loki Series by C. Gockel
When Amy prays for help, Loki the Norse God of Mischief and Chaos isn’t the savior she has in mind.

Chosen by Christine Pope
When a fatal fever nearly wipes out the entire world’s population, the survivors of what became known as “the Dying” believe the worst is in the past. Little do they know…

Nolander by Becca Mills
A young woman from small-town Wisconsin discovers that monsters are real — and that she might just be one herself.

Twin Souls by DelSheree Gladden
Uriah and Claire didn’t believe in their tribal stories until Claire’s poisoned and those myths spring to life to test their love and unravel destiny.

Blood Debt by Nancy Straight
A mythological romance: Camille is denied her
father’s identity until her mother’s death. She discovers a family she never dreamed of and a world that should not exist.

The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard
Can the magical Tuatha de Danaan, the forgotten people of Ireland, help Allison restore her mother’s sanity?

Marked (Soul Guardians Book # 1) Kim Richardson
A sixteen-year-old girl suddenly dies and finds
herself in Horizon as a rookie in the Guardian Angel Legion.

Relentless by Karen Lynch
Sara Grey lives a double life until a fateful encounter with a sadistic vampire and a fearless warrior exposes her powerful gifts and changes the course of her life forever.

Hidden Blade by Pippa DaCosta
The once-revered ancient Egyptian gods aren’t dead. They’re back. And soul eater Private Investigator, Ace Dante, is in their way.

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