Discover The Sam Rader Thrillers by Simon King today, and prepare for a heart-pounding ride into a serial killer’s worst nightmare. If you liked Jack Reacher and Dexter, then you will love these gritty and suspenseful crime thrillers. Enjoy!

The Victim Killer (A Sam Rader Thriller Book 1)
by Simon King
4.3 Stars (82 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Thrillers | Literature & Fiction

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A brutal killer…

… a helpless victim.

This girl is both.

Sam always knew she was different. Her morbid fascination with death has kept her isolated and alone from the world, shut away, by a protective father only too aware of the monster inside her. A direct descendent of one of the most notorious serial killers of the century, Sam harbors the kinds of demons that crave blood.

With her father’s navy-seal training, Sam is taught the mental strength to control an evil threatening her very existence. Now armed with a skill-set to kill and a thirst for blood, this girl is about to unload her wrath on an unsuspecting world.

After being recruited into a top-secret organization tasked with hunting active serial killers, Sam is finally given the green light to unleash the monster inside her, onto those who prey on the innocent. Will this hunter control her bloodlust and silence those she’s sent to kill, or will her own demons finally find the freedom to unleash their own kind of terror?

The Victim Killer is the first book in the Sam Rader thriller series. If you like Jack Reacher action paired with the darkness of Hannibal Lecter, then prepare for a thrill ride into a serial killer’s worst nightmare.

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Body Switch (A Sam Rader Thriller Book 2)
by Simon King
4.5 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Mystery | Thrillers

A body by a lake. A freshly buried coffin. But which is the murder victim?

When an elderly man is found dead on a bench overlooking Eagle Lake in Maine, Sam finds herself unprepared for the horrific events that soon follow. The authorities eventually identify 74-year old Nathanial Johns, but what they discover leaves more questions than answers. Having been laid to rest over a thousand miles away the previous week, the authorities are stunned to find a fresh corpse in his reburied coffin.

Soon more bodies show up, each replaced with a fresh victim to lie in their stead. But if Sam and the team think this is just a serial killer with a twisted sense of humour, they are about to discover a shocking truth that leads right back to the heart of their own organisation.

Body Switch is the second book in the Sam Rader Thriller series. Get ready for a marathon read when you buy Body Switch today.

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Murder Plot (A Sam Rader Thriller Book 3)
by Simon King
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Thrillers

Violent inmates. Corrupt officials. But who’s doing the killing?

When multiple inmates start turning up dead at a Californian Correctional Facility, a desperate mother pleads for help to save her son. After John Milton steps in, Sam and Tim are assigned to find the culprit. With the team split on either side of the fence, both race against time to discover the true identity of the killer.

As Sam don’s an officer’s uniform and Tim joins the general population, the pair will have to work quickly to save the lives of more innocent victims. With the body count rising and a system struggling to stop the violence, will Sam end another killer, or will he add her partner to his growing list of victims?

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Black Death (A Sam Rader Thriller Book 4)
by Simon King
Genre: Thrillers

A rare female serial killer…

… black, proud and lethal.

Has Samantha met her match?

A female killer calling herself “Black Death” is murdering men around Chicago’s less than respectable establishments. Each body is found with a black rose, together with the same cryptic calling card, leaving authorities baffled as to her identity. When the latest victim turns out to be a well-respected police officer, the city’s mayor reaches out for help.

With Sam and the team sent in to help, things soon take a turn, after a link between two of the victims shows more than just a random homicide. When a respected member of the mayor’s own cabinet is found murdered, Sam turns to an unlikely source for help to track the culprit. But just as a break in the case seems certain, the tables quickly turn, leaving one of Pogrom’s very own in the firing line. With a relentless serial killer closing in and Sam desperate to save those closest to her, will she end another killer before tragedy strikes?

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