Anastasia Simonds masterfully crafts a powerful yet dramatic novel that exudes raw emotion, will, and surrender. Irrevocable Consequence is a poignant and heart-wrenching tale of redemption and revenge, love, and death… where the losers win and the winners lose. Anastasia Simonds is a writer and poet who enjoys writing heart-wrenching and emotionally poignant novels. ‘Overcoming fear: simple yet effective tips for becoming a great and fierce fiction writer’ is her first nonfiction self-help ebook and is very informative and a must-read for the soon to be writer.

Irrevocable Consequence
by Anastasia Simonds
5.0 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Suspense

David Foussler is incarcerated for his role in the murder of a wealthy couple whose son, Robert Bryon is the sole survivor. Conflicted by guilt and loneliness, David becomes haunted by nightmares of the murder and suffers a nervous breakdown which eventually leads him to the riveting Ally, his therapist who he falls in love with. They have undeniable chemistry and one day they succumb to their passion.

A whirlwind of unforeseen circumstances takes place that separates them but eventually they reconnect and plan a life together when David’s released from prison. But David is doomed… In a terrible twist of fate, David’s unforgiving past comes back to rear its ugly head and to haunt him and he will be forced to make a terrible, heart-rendering decision as he faces the consequences of his actions.

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Overcoming Fear: Simple Yet Effective Tips to Becoming A Great and Fierce Fiction Writer
by Anastasia Simonds
3.5 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Reference | Foreign Languages

This book was designed and conceptualized to give the soon to be author, budding author, and even current author insightful tips on how to overcome the fear and intimidation that comes from writing. Without courage, awareness, and concept, we cannot achieve our goal of becoming fierce and great writers!
Enclosed are some awesome tips regarding:

*Unleashing creativity and imagination. *How to achieve an emotional connection with your reading audience. *Tips on how to make your characters more realistic. *The elements of writing and character definition. *Enhancing your descriptive skills. *How to heighten your imagination as well as some of my secrets as an author.
You will also get some important life tips and writing practice exercises that will help prepare you for your writing, assisting you in achieving what most beginners lack-motivation, coherency, and creativity.

This is an excellent starter book for the hesitant person who desires to write but lacks the confidence to begin their writing journey and a must-read for those who need the motivation to become a great and fierce writer!

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