Author Elyse Hoffman strives to tell historical tales with new twists: she loves to meld WWII and Jewish history with fantasy, folklore, and the paranormal. She has written six works of Holocaust historical fiction: the five books of The Barracks of the Holocaust and The Book of Uriel. If you love history and want to read some completely unique stories. this wonderful collection is just what you are looking for. Enjoy!

The Book of Uriel: A Novel of WWII
by Elyse Hoffman
4.1 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | World Literature | Historical Fiction

In the fires of World War II, a child must save his people from darkness…

Ten-year-old Uriel has always been an outcast. Born mute in a Jewish village known for its choir, he escapes into old stories of his people, stories of angels and monsters. But when the fires of the Holocaust consume his village, he learns that the stories he writes in his golden notebook are terrifyingly real.

In the aftermath of the attack, Uriel is taken in by Uwe, a kind-hearted linguist forced to work for the commander of the local Nazi Police, the affably brutal Major Brandt. Uwe wants to keep Uriel safe, but Uriel can’t stay hidden. The angels of his tales have come to him with a dire message: Michael, guardian angel of the Jewish people, is missing. Without their angel, the Jewish people are doomed, and Michael’s angelic brethren cannot search for him in the lands corrupted by Nazi evil.

With the lives of millions at stake, Uriel must find Michael and free him from the clutches of the Angel of Death… even if that means putting Uwe in mortal danger.

The Book of Uriel is a heartbreaking blend of historical fiction and Jewish folklore that will enthrall fans of The Book Thief and The World That We Knew.

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Barrack Five: A Holocaust Story (Book 1 of the Barracks Series)
by Elyse Hoffman
4.6 Stars (112 Reviews)
Genre: War | Historical Fiction

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The ghosts of the past don’t always stay silent…
When Vilém Rehor takes a security job at a former concentration camp, he assumes it will be dreary, but uneventful. But when someone starts carving their name onto the walls of Barrack Five, his supposedly boring job becomes more than he bargained for.

Though he tries to catch the vandal, Vilém can’t figure out how they’re making their marks — he never sees anyone, but that doesn’t mean he’s alone…
As he delves deeper into the mystery of the vandal, he realizes that the Holocaust isn’t over for everyone. The spirit of a girl long gone reveals herself, desperate to be heard.

Can Vilém help this restless soul?

Barrack Five is a heartbreaking historical fiction novelette.

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Barrack Four: A Holocaust Story (Book 2 of the Barracks Series)
by Elyse Hoffman
4.6 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction

The past has a funny way of coming back to haunt you…
Vilém Rehor works at a former concentration camp. Although he’s the only living creature roaming the grounds overnight, he’s not alone…

After freeing Raya Pomnenka, Vilém hoped his night shift would return to monotonous normality. But when the Camp’s director demands that he keep close watch on a particular exhibit, he encounters another spirit, the spirit of a young girl named Iveta. She, too, wants to tell her story, but this time someone wants to shut her up…

As Vilém tries to make it through Iveta’s heartbreaking tale, he realizes his ties to the people who lived and died in the Camp are deeper than he could have imagined.

Can he set this spirit free?

Or will dark forces drive him away before he can discover the truth?

Barrack Four is a historical fiction novelette, the sequel to Barrack Five, and a heartbreaking tale of the Holocaust.

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Barrack Three: A Holocaust Story (Book 3 of the Barracks Series)
by Elyse Hoffman
4.6 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: World Literature

Vilém can hear ghosts, and they have secrets to share…
As a concentration camp security guard with the strange ability to speak to spirits, he’s privy to stories lost to time, stories of the Holocaust and those who didn’t live to tell their truths. But the more he learns about the Camp, the less he wants to know.

Eager for a distraction, he and his girlfriend escape to his parents’ home, but even here, he can’t escape the Camp. His mother tells what little of his family’s story they know, revealing that his great-grandfather was close friends with the heroic Joseph Klammer, a Nazi guard who betrayed his SS brethren and saved a train full of Jews bound for Auschwitz.

As soon as Vilém returns to the Camp, Joseph Klammer’s spirit appears, eager to share the truth about Vilém’s family… and confess that he is not the perfect hero of history. But another ghost is stalking the Camp, and he doesn’t want the truth to get out.

Can Vilém discover what really happened the day the Auschwitz Train left the Camp? Or will dark forces keep him from his family’s past?

Barrack Three is a historical fiction novelette, the sequel to Barrack Four, and a heartrending tale of the Holocaust.

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Barrack Two: A Holocaust Story (Book 4 of the Barracks Series)
by Elyse Hoffman
4.6 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: World Literature | Historical Fiction

Can a parent ever go too far when protecting their child… ?

Vilém Rehor is about to become a father, and he wants nothing more than to be a good one. A good father and a good man, but as he sets about fulfilling Joseph Klammer’s final wish, he soon learns that sometimes it’s impossible to be both.

Eager to memorialize the heroic Doctor who helped Klammer free four hundred Jews bound for Auschwitz, Vilém begins investigating the history of Doctor-Rabbi Yosef Doubek. He is shocked to discover that his tyrannical boss, Alica Doubek, is the daughter of the supposed hero… and she has done everything in her power to make sure he and his shameful past is forgotten.

As Vilém encounters the Doctor’s ghost and learns of the Faustian bargain he made with the Architect of the Holocaust, Reinhard Heydrich, he is confronted with a barrage of impossible questions. How far would he go to keep his child safe? How much would he betray? And is Doctor Doubek worthy of seeing his daughter smile again?

Barrack Two, the sequel to Barrack Three, is a heartbreaking tale of the Holocaust.

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