I am very excited about the new occupant in the garden…. A FROG! I would like to say he came there naturally because my garden is just so appealing, that he was drawn to it. My garden is very appealing, but I got the frog from a friend who found it in her yard. I am hoping to add a few more so it has friends to hop around with. I feel like my garden has been taken to the next level with my new green friend.  He has plenty of places to explore, and has so many wonderful choices of places to call his home. I am really hoping that he can attract other little frogs from the nearby creak to join him. We shall see. I am thinking a bigger backyard pond might be in the near future.

Dragon Sim-13: The Green Berets: Dave Riley #2
by Bob Mayer
4.5 Stars (200 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | War

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Kirkus Reviews: “Fascinating, imaginative and nerve-wracking. Mayer’s tough, businesslike soldiers again include a tough, businesslike female.”

Dragon SIM-13 is an elaborate computerized command post exercise to test the readiness of the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The scenario calls for a U.S. Army Special Forces strike against a strategic target in China. But when thousands of students are massacred in Tiananmen Square during democracy protests, the rules change. Meng, the computer genius behind the SIM program, sees a way to avenge a hatred that had been festering for over 20 years, and tip the scales of freedom. With the push of a button on his master computer, simulation becomes a reality: the Dragon mission is actually launched.

Dave Riley and his A-Team parachute into China to do what they’ve trained for. The only problem? No one knows they’re in China. And we’re not at war. What do they do now?

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Majestic Cove Mysteries Books 1-3 Box Set
by Meredith Potts
4.1 Stars (176 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Mystery

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This set features 3 stories from the Majestic Cove cozy mystery series including:

Chocolate, Clues, and Catastrophe

As a private investigator, Melody Clue has seen a lot of crazy things on the job.

Her latest case is filled with more twists and turns than she is used to.

Melody was hired to investigate suspected infidelity.

However, the deeper she gets into the case, the more she realizes that her hometown of Majestic Cove is hiding all sorts of different secrets.

Pretzels, Problems, and Peril

Just when it seems like things are going to get back to normal in Melody Clue’s hometown of Majestic Cove, a murder occurs.

To make matters worse for the private investigator, Melody actually knew the victim. In fact, she had just finished a case uncovering an affair that the victim was having.

Did Connor’s murder have something to do with his infidelity? Or was his death related to something else entirely?

Melody is curious to find out.

Is Melody prepared to discover the truth? Or will it shock her?

Cake, Coincidences, and Casualties

As a private investigator, Melody Clue has worked on some unique cases in her life.

Her latest case is more unique than ever, though.

She is hired to tail a fellow investigator.

What shocking details will she uncover?

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The Comet Clement Series Collection: Books 1-4
by Kevin George
4.1 Stars (251 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Science Fiction

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The Comet Clement Collection includes Books 1-4 in the series.

Book 1 – The Inner Circle (averages 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 500+ review)

1908… Siberia… A tiny comet rips through Earth’s atmosphere and explodes above the Tunguska region of Siberia, instantly engulfing thousands of square acres of the mostly desolate region. The explosion is heard for hundreds of miles, the light of the comet seen halfway across the globe. Had the comet hit a few hours earlier in a more populated area, millions would have been killed…

A century later, another comet – this one hundreds of times bigger and more powerful – encounters a black hole in deep space and is pushed onto a new, deadly course leading straight to Earth…

A small group of humans – including the President of the United States, a former astronaut and a middle school science teacher – discovers the existence of this potentially deadly comet and keep its existence hidden from the rest of the world. Although the group – which calls itself the Inner Circle – has twelve years to deal with the problem, they will need every second of that time. Not only must they figure out a way to avert this crisis, they must also start to make plans in case they can’t avoid a catastrophe that could annihilate humankind…

Book 2 – Interception (averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 260+ reviews)

The Inner Circle’s plans to deflect the comet are in place but Neil Peterson’s long journey to intercept Clement faces serious tests…
The president is embattled in a bitter re-election attempt and knows that losing could lead to the comet secret being exposed to the world…
NASSA’s plans to build the biggest space station for ‘scientific purposes’ are put into effect…
Earl Ackerman’s paranoia leads him to making rash decisions about the secret that’s slowly destroying the little sanity he has left…
The secret can’t stay hidden forever…
Book 3 – The New Space Race (averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 260+ reviews)

Plans continue to move forward on the space station, which draws the ire of the country, but the Inner Circle won’t be deterred from preparing for the worst…
Tyler Ainsworth Jr. has learned of the secret and begins to make plans for his own massive shelter, this one to be in the ocean depths instead of the heavens…
The president exchanges information about the comet with Russia for help on the station and Russia plans for their own safe haven deep in the mountains…
A new American leader emerges who does not seem to share the Inner Circle’s passion for constructing the space station…
Another country enters the race to build a space station unlike anything humankind has ever seen…
Book 4 – The Three Arks (averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 230+ reviews)

With a new president in office – and an apprehensive new ally in the Inner Circle – the men planning for the end of the world face new struggles. Will the space station be finished in time? How will they get passengers on board the space station without giving away the secret of Comet Clement?

Tyler Ainsworth faces his own troubles with his seacraft. He needs more money to complete his boat but doesn’t want to go to the Inner Circle for fear of losing even more control. How will he raise the funds? Can he maintain control of his seacraft’s ownership? Will his high-class passengers lose their patience while waiting for the end of the world?

The underground facility deep in the Ural Mountains seems to face the least amount of problems and some of the space station’s staunchest supporters wonder if they’ve made a big mistake looking to the heavens for safety.

The Three Arks are humankind’s last chance… if they can survive the construction process…

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The Spanish Indecision (The Jenny Abroad Series Book 1)
by Sarah-Jane Fraser
4.1 Stars (27 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Holidays | Romance

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Sun, sangria and a scantily clad gladiator- the girly getaway to Spain is just what Jenny George needs to get her head straight. Stuck in a rut at work and fed up with being single, Jenny is desperate to make some changes. The trouble is she’s too concerned about everyone else to sort her own life out.

With her best friend’s hen-do to orchestrate and other people’s problems to solve, the last thing on her mind is romance. Typical Jenny, she keeps missing the hot guy who is staying in their resort. But he’s seen her. Is Jenny too distracted to discover who her mystery man is?

Lose yourself in this light-hearted summer romance, and see if Jenny can find herself… and her man.

The Spanish Indecision is a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2018.

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Native American Herbalism Handbook: 2 BOOKS IN 1 Medicinal Plants Encyclopedia – Herbal Remedies & Recipes
by Walela Mantooth
4.6 Stars (97 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Arts & Photography

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Hello, my name is Walela and I am a Native American girl wanting to let everybody know the real incredible powers of Medical Herbalism that my grandfather, a Cherokee descendant, has passed down to me during the years.

First of all, you need to know that Medical Herbalism has been used for a huge number of years like conventional medicine, and different studies have found that it actually works, and it’s extremely good to eradicate common ailments, just like modern medicine but in a 100% natural and healthier way.

There are more than 2800 different plant species that are used to heal diseases and promote wellbeing every day by Native American communities, and with this book, you will know everything about this subject, so you will be able to heal your body naturally, just like the Native Americans did, in fact, in this book you’ll discover:

Precious informations about Native American Culture, to fully understand how Native American medicine can actually help you solve your disease easily

A list of the Most Powerful Herbs, like the Ashwagandha or the Comfrey, to make sure that you know everything about the incredible world of herbs and their special properties and beneficial effects

The Best Herbal Remedies for your Child subdivided into age categories ranging from 0 to 12 years old, so you will be able to help your kid feel better and get rid of his ailments in a 100% natural way

How to Get Rid of Common Ailments like Anxiety, Asthma, Depression, Insomnia, Diarrhea, Menopausal Problems, and much more, so you will be able to feel immediately better and never take chemical drugs again

How to prepare the Most Common DIY Herbal Recipes, so you can have a midday snack or even a healthy breakfast while you enjoy easy-to-make Teas, Decoctions, Popsicles, Infusions, and many more different tasty recipes

What are the Medicinal Plants used Daily by Native Americans, to know every different way in which you can heal your body daily, to protect yourself from infections, and to prevent diseases

•… & Many More Useful Informations!

This incredibly valuable book and the informations written inside will guide you into the almost magical world of Herbalism, teaching you how to improve the quality of your life and your wellbeing using only easy to find, natural ingredients, so…

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